Sports and happiness: a winning combination


Did you know that an active lifestyle can positively impact your level of happiness? In addition to helping you feel good, it also helps the mind in many ways. Here are a few of the many benefits sports can have on mental health. 

The circle of happiness

First, sports allow the body to release endorphins and dopamine, also known as "happy hormones". These hormones have a positive impact on the immune system as well as overall mood. You know that feeling of euphoric well-being you feel after exercising? They are the ones responsible for it! The benefits of endorphins and dopamine do not stop there; They also help reduce stress and anxiety.

When stress and anxiety go down, it is easier to get a good night’s sleep. From there, the equation is very simple: The better you sleep, the more energy you have. Good sleep also helps maintain a healthy weight while decreasing the level of fatigue while awake. In other words, regular activity will energize you as much as it will make you sleep well. Paradoxical, but true!

One benefit creates another, and, before you know it, a state of overall wellbeing is reached. Very quickly, regular physical activity makes us feel better about ourselves. The body is toned and the mind is rested. Exercise is truly a gift to your complete self.  

Active lifestyle, self-confidence and mental health

Self-confidence is not just a question of weight or physical appearance. The most solid kind of confidence is the one that is so deeply rooted in us that it is able to influence all other aspects of our lives. It is when we radiate with positive vibes without even trying to! Therefore, an active lifestyle and some healthy eating habits can help you build the kind of self-esteem that allows you to be  in sync with your true self.

These combined benefits also help reduce depression, stress and anxiety. By practicing a sport, we disconnect from our daily lives and focus on the now, the sensations in our body, the movements, etc. This state of being helps us deal with the small challenges of everyday life with more perspective. A well-rested and satisfied mind will tend to go into problem-solving mode in the face of challenges that may arise. 

With summer and the gradual deconfinement, it is the perfect time to learn a new sport or try an outdoor activity. As previously explained, it is a great way to increase our level of happiness on a daily basis. So, let's move!