Athleisure first made an impact among fashion trends a few years ago, and it remains just as much in the game in 2019. You’ve seen it from the street to the podium, proving that it’s not just another flash in the pan. This year’s athleisure are an ode to the 70s, 80s and 90s, with cropped tops, and featuring high waists and plenty of bold colours. Discover this dynamic duo of sport and fashion with its OIympic looks and retro accents. And read on for our tips on how to make this style your own.

Sporty, comfy, feminine style

The winning pairing of sport and fashion has given rise to the athleisure phenomenon, flaunted by both award-winning athletes and trendsetters on the street for a few seasons now.

So what can we expect for 2019?

This year, we’re seeing a strong comeback from iconic brands like Champion and Puma, and the choice of colours, prints and cuts sports a retro aesthetic. Add such details as integrated pockets, invisible zippers and embroidered logos, and you have plenty to choose from to make this look your own.

Athleisure borrows from the codes of sportswear and mixes the styles for impact by pairing more technical wear with more chic or relaxed pieces. These pairings bring together extremes, like jogging shoes that complement a stylish handbag, the traditional little black dress coupled with sport shoes or even athletic leggings that flirt with stiletto heels. The winning mix of sport and chic has never been so successful. Brands to look out for this year are Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Champion, Puma and Diadora Luxe.

How can you make athleisure work for you?

The good news is that you no longer have to spend a fortune to recreate this style. You just need to pick up a couple of essential items, then partner them with more stylish pieces or accessories. This fashion is about finding the right balance between chic and relaxed, while it fits right in with the “old school” aesthetic.

Go ahead and play around with the different materials and touches of showy colours. This year, women and girls can choose from neons, pastels and bold brights to make a statement.

Girls, these are your must-have items:

  • cropped tops
  • ⅞ leggings
  • high waists
  • mesh inserts

As for the men and the boys, the colour schemes to choose from are neutrals, neons and 90s-era colours like red, marine blue and white.

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When it comes to stepping out in style, it’s still all about the running shoes, but in lighter, more versatile versions that are at ease showing off their colours. The idea is to slip them on with pants, sweats, a dress, or a skirt. From the gym to the street in just one colourful leap!

Nike, Adidas and New Balance remain the championship brands, and they offer a wide range of colours, materials and styles. But other brands like Puma, Converse and Reebok Classic are staking their claims in athleisure and the more “street” look.

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