2020 athletic trends

2020 athletic trends: comfort for everyone

Still at the height of its glory, this style is characterized by a blend of elegance, style and comfort. Put forward by some of the biggest stars in the world, needless to say: Athleisure seems to be everywhere, and it’s for a reason. As popular brands are doubling their efforts to offer comfortable, durable and stylish clothes, if you aren’t already sold to this trend, there’s a good chance 2020 will make you a believer.

Multitask activewear: a new level of athleisure

These past few years, the growing popularity of the athleisure style has influenced our way of wearing sports apparel. Indeed, clothes that were usually reserved for athletic purposes are now worn in our day to day lives. Whether it’s for the office or a night out with friends, leggings and sneakers are now considered a go-to outfit. Brands have understood our need for comfort in all spheres of life. They now offer clothes and shoes that can be worn at all times without ambiguity. Many sports items are suitable for other activities and vice versa. Want to go shopping while wearing your gym outfit? Go ahead, you’ll fit right in!

The retro inspiration, ever-present

As the famous saying goes, "Fashion comes back every 20 years". It is no coincidence that we can see influences from the 90’s in today’s fashion. Obviously, these comebacks always imply some sort of evolution. They become a blend of today and yesterday’s fashion, reflecting the changes and current preoccupations in our society.

This year, we notice a particular attention being paid to small details: invisible zippers, embroidered logos, etc. Iconic brands like Nike, Champion and Puma are also experiencing resurgences due to the fact that they are always good at predicting customer needs and desires. 

Trends for all body types

As we were saying, trends tend to reflect actual social issues. In this day and age, we have become very aware of the importance of body positivity and diversity. Brands are making numerous changes and efforts to contribute to these movements by designing clothes that fit different body types. 

Adidas recently announced its INCLUSIVE collection which features clothing from size 1X to 4X. With Diadora and Nike entering the movement a few years back, you will find a larger variety of sizes online and in stores. In 2020, fashion really is for everyone! 

Color and simplicity

Pastel colors are very much in fashion, and restrained colors are strong as well. Ladies, in 2020, don't be afraid to wear fuchsia and yellow. These colors will surely brighten your day! That said, don’t worry if you don’t fancy a colorful palette: Wine red, black, gray and white are still very common in most collections.

Those of you who want to add variety to their athletic wardrobe will be charmed by the blend of textiles and the different cuts available in stores. Crop tops, 7/8 leggings, high waisted pants and much more will guarantee you a style for every occasion. The arrival of the futuristic look, which is characterized by the use of metallic colors and shiny fabrics, is also a trend to watch. 

Men’s fashion:  back to the 90s 

On the men's side, brands like New Balance, Champion and Nike are inspired by popular street style to offer comfortable and stylish items that can effortlessly be added to your day to day look. You will notice a lot of red, navy and white as well as many beautifully embroidered logos in the 2020 collections.  

For a year of comfort and style, don't hesitate for a second to add athleisure items to your wardrobe. You’ll see, to try it is to love it!