5 key items to make going back easier!

Looking to get through back-to-school with minimal stress and greater vitality?  Here are 5 tips which Virginie and Sarah of Blond Story incorporate into their daily lives during extra busy times, here. Find out more about must try products available on line or in store to help you. See below:

A Water Bottle: 

Carrying a reusable water bottle is not only environmentally responsible but it also lets you stay hydrated, which means having a sharper mind and avoiding the negative effects of dehydration (fatigue, mental fog, headaches, etc.).

 Comfortable shoes:

Having a good pair of comfortable shoes is a motivator in itself to stay active even when you have very little time. Moving, while staying in tune with your body, can help you relax, reduce everyday stress and improve your sleep.

 A versatile Mini backpack:

Nothing says back-to-school more than backpacks; always practical for carrying lunches or for small office essentials (cell phone, note book, water bottle, etc.)

 A Fitbit Activity monitor :

A Fitbit Activity monitor has a ton of features such as tracking steps taken each day and tracking sleep and stages of sleep (number of hours of sleep, number of hours spent in each stage of sleep, awake time, etc.) which are ideal to make sure you are taking care of yourself throughout your busiest times. 

 A practical, zero-waste lunch box:

A lunch box, no matter which one you choose, is an environmentally responsible choice and also promotes healthy habits by eating homemade meals.  This Monbento lunch box features ultimate versatility because it is multifunctional, has no BPA, is freezer and dishwasher-safe.  And to top it all off, it looks stunningly great. A must!

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