New Technology Alert! Goggles That Improve Visibility and Depth Perception

Slope lovers rejoice: finding the right goggles just got easier! It’s no secret that a good pair of goggles makes all the difference to your overall experience and performance on the mountain. That’s why companies that specialize in goggles have put so much effort into technology that improves visibility, comfort and safety.

Industry leaders Oakley, Smith and SPY have recently developed, respectively, the PrizmTM, ChromaPopTM and Happy LensTM technologies. These drastically improve athletes’ visibility on the slopes and empower them to react much faster and safely up their speed.

Standard lens view
PrizmTM  lens view

Until just recently, lenses used in goggles blocked 100% of the sun’s rays, which protected the eyes but decreased colour and contrast perception. PrizmTM, ChromaPopTM and Happy LensTM goggles, on the other hand, allow a certain number of rays to filter through so that colour intensity, contrast and depth perception are improved, with no decrease in protection.

On top of making the visual experience much more intense, these new technologies help athletes to see—and anticipate—moguls and dips to a greater degree. These lenses also have the advantage of adaptability to varying degrees of brightness, so that skiers don’t have to switch lenses when they go from a sunny hillside to a darker or more shaded slope.

Here’s what each of the new technologies has to offer:

The Happy LensTM by SPY was created to let the “good” rays through, while blocking out the rays that can be harmful to your eyes. You’ll enjoy the beauty surrounding you like never before! See better. Feel better. These lenses improve colours and contrasts, which will make you happier from the moment you put them on.

ChromaPopTM  by Smith will give you the gift of clearer vision while improving natural colour. With the unparalleled clarity that comes from clearer, truer and brighter colours, you’ll practice your sport with more confidence and more pleasure. Plus, with less ocular fatigue, you’ll react more quickly while tearing down the slopes for a longer period of time—which all adds up to better performance.
Oakley gives you ultra-precise colours in any environment with its new PrizmTM  lens. Visual acuity is improved, so details that would be invisible to the naked eye become apparent. You will see more clearly and react more quickly, with more confidence. PrizmTM  lens technology greatly improves contrast and visibility across an enormous range of lighting conditions. You’ll see what you’ve been missing, and you’ll never have to change lenses.
Each of these technologies has its own advantages—your selection will come down to comfort and style. Most models come with a change of lenses, which is highly recommended for athletes who like to hit the slopes come snow or shine.

If you’re the kind who goes all through the winter, it’s definitely worth the extra $20 to $40 to get one of these models that integrates the latest in lens technology. Each slope will feel like a brand new experience!