Maximize your cycling pleasure: choose the right clothes

Avid riders know that when it comes to tops and bottoms, cycling shorts and a cycling jersey are not optional! They make a big difference in your riding comfort. Whether you’re a road racer, a mountain biker or simply love getting around on the bike paths in the city: discover how to choose the right cycling clothes for how you ride.


Find the right cycling shorts         

First of all, keep in mind that any kind of cycling short is better than other street or sportswear. Designed for the unique movements and posture of cycling, this equipment offers maximum comfort so that you can enjoy your rides to the fullest. Take the time to try on several pairs until you find the model that’s comfy and snug—but not too tight. If you find that they’re still too tight around the thighs, try on longer cycling shorts. Some women’s cycling shorts extend as far as the knees.

The chamois padding in cycling shorts


Chamois padding is used to attenuate the pressure points between your bottom and the saddle to reduce the chafing that comes with pedaling. The padding varies depending on the quality of the cycling shorts, and may be integrated or sewn right into them. A better quality chamois will have different thicknesses to match the points of contact in order to fit more snugly to the shape of the buttocks for a more comfortable ride.

  • Mountain biking

 Because of the kinds of movements that mountain bikers make—not to mention potential wipeouts—it’s a good idea to wear shorts with integrated liner. These are made tougher to deal with scrapes and bumps, while also providing a greater range of movement.


  • City riding

To pedal around the city in style, choose a more urban look that’s also comfy in the saddle. You may not want to look like you’re a road racer when you’re running errands, chilling at a café or out for a drink.

 Ladies have options like skirts (and even sun dresses) with integrated cycling shorts. Of course, you can also find the perfect shorts or skirt to slip over your cycling shorts.

 Men can find more relaxed shorts that are light and made with stretchy fabrics. They’re comfortable and popular in the city.

  • Road cycling

 If you like road biking, you need cycling shorts. Look for a snug fit, and pay close attention to quality, especially if you ride for two hours or more. A pair of high-quality cycling shorts will make a big difference in your comfort and pedaling pleasure.

Comfort tips 

·  Never wear underwear under cycling shorts, as cotton increases chafing and locks in humidity.

·   Soon after getting off your bike, remove your cycling shorts as the warmth and moisture creates an environment that bacteria love.

·   Make sure to wash your shorts after each use.

·   Never wear bike shorts in the pool. The chlorine will definitely damage the elastic spandex and the silicone band.

·   Ladies: cycling shorts are not unisex, so make sure to always wear women’s bike shorts. The seams are designed specifically for women’s bodies.

 Choose your cycling jersey well

Jerseys come in different cuts depending on your tastes and needs.

  • The professional cut: a tight top that goes down to the navel, designed only for avid road cyclists.
  • The performance cut: a snug top that’s longer than the professional cut and meant for road training, or for cyclists who like a tight close-fitting jersey.
  • The relaxed or semi-relaxed cut: a looser, roomier jersey, especially around the biceps, that’s great for mountain biking or for those who prefer not to be squeezed by a tight top.

 When it comes to cycling, comfort is key. Just like shopping for everyday clothes, you’ll want to dive into the vast selection and take the time to try on a few models to find your perfect riding outfit. Also, don’t overlook the pockets: you’ll be surprised how often a pocket on the lower back turns out to be useful!

 Good to know

If you’re a mountain biker, look for a tougher jersey that can handle branches, wipeouts and the additional chafing from your hydration pack.

You can also find pricier models that have sun protection built into the fibres of the jersey. This may come in handy for your style of riding.

Feel ready for cycling season? Now that you’re comfortable, don’t forget that safety is essential when you’re on the road. Have you got all the mandatory safety accessories?