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The electric bike: is it for you?

Ideal for all your daily travel needs, electric bikes are quiet, pollution-free, and have been getting more and more popular—and for good reason: they offer the pleasure of pedaling, while leaving open the option of riding sweat-free when you want it.

Electric bikes, also known as power-assisted bikes, give you the additional ease of getting up to cruising speed more quickly and climbing slopes more easily. You can cover greater distances without tiring out, and arrive at the office without being drenched in sweat. Integrating cycling into your daily life is now within everybody’s reach, whatever their fitness level or the distance they ride.

 Electric bikes: who are they for?

Electric bikes are one of those revolutions that improve everybody’s experience in different ways.

Cyclists can use them in their daily commute to work and avoid traffic, pollution and perspiration. Those who like to take longer rides can go further, faster, and even choose to take on hillier trips.

If your physical fitness level makes regular riding difficult and tiring, a power-assisted bike can give you a boost and enable you to get around more actively—while respecting your pace.

And if you ride with cyclists at different skill levels, as a family for example, the electric bike allows you to all ride at the same speed, while respecting the strengths of each cyclist. It’s suddenly a lot easier to tow the kids in a trailer, too!

When you choose to get around by electric bicycle instead of a gas-powered car or scooter, you’re helping to reduce air pollution. Electric bikes also need very little electricity to charge up.

The difference between power-assisted bikes and classic bicycles is the small electric motor around the bottom bracket, or rear hub, which helps you to pedal without actually replacing the need to pedal. How? When you pedal, you activate the motor, which in turn assists you. Most batteries are easy to charge at home with a USB cable. Portable battery packs are also available.

 How to choose the right electric bike for you

Every kind of bike is now available with an electric option, so there’s one for every taste and use. From e-bikes for getting around town, to racing bikes for athletes and mountain bikes for outdoorsy types, there’s something to satisfy every cyclist and meet their riding goals and needs. Check out our cycle guide to learn which type of bike is best for you.

 How much does an electric bike cost?

Just as with regular bicycles, the price for an electric bike varies enormously depending on the type of bike and its quality, as well as the battery’s range. You can find them at prices between $1,000 and $20,000. When it comes down to it, how you’ll be using your bike will determine how much you should spend.

Once you’ve chosen the type of bike and its level of quality, consider the battery capacity. If you use your bike mainly to travel short distances (like to work), you can go with a shorter battery range. If you like to go for long treks or cover lots of road, you’ll want a battery with a longer range.

Forget the stereotype of the out-of-shape rider cruising along the bike path on an e-bike. Today, electric bikes ride like the wind, and active people love them for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while respecting the environment.

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