Road, Hybrid or Mountain Bike – Find the Right One for You!

With spring on its way and temperatures on the rise comes the urge to get back on the bicycle. Cycling is a fun, invigorating activity that’s easy to do, whether with friends or the kids on the weekend, or just to get around town on your own. Whether you prefer city cycling or more intensive excursions off the beaten path: there’s a bike for everybody’s taste.

So which bike is right for you?

The Hydrid

Do you hop on your bike mostly to roam about or get to work? If both, a hybrid bike is your best bet. The hybrid, as its name suggests, makes pedaling easy on both gravel pathways and smooth asphalt. Hybrid bike tires are wider than road tires, which gives greater stability and a more textured tread.

If you’re looking for more action, you’ll find high performance models in this category that are lighter, more aerodynamic and feature a more slanted posture (which is more comfortable for some).

If comfort is your priority, a classic fork-and-saddle model with suspension is a great choice. Just keep in mind that these are heavier, making them more difficult to carry up and down stairs or to strap to the top of a car.

The Road Bike

You ride a lot, you ride often, you ride on pavement—and you love to ride fast. The choice is simple: you need a road bike.

This type of bicycle is light, ergonomic and built for speed. Its tires are narrower than hybrid tires, which increases the performance ratio and decreases the weight. Road bikes feature curved handlebars so that you can take up different positions while riding. This detail is of great importance if you like to cycle for more than an hour several times a week, as changing positions reduces fatigue considerably. There are plenty of other options to look into in the road bike category for those speed freaks who intend to get their thrills often.

The Mountain Bike

Does riding on rough or mountainous trails appeal to you? Do you get off on adrenaline? Then go for a mountain bike: the perfect vehicle for any type of terrain.

Mountain bikes are robust and solid, with wide wheels and powerful suspension so that you stick to trails and absorb shocks while heading into the heart of adventure. On a mountain bike or a BMX, its urban alter-ego, the handlebars are straight, which gives you quick control and precision when it comes to steering yourself across rugged ground.

The brakes on this type of bike are powerful and can be used quickly with the tips of your fingers without losing control. Mountain bikes react instantly to direction, making them ideal for conquering unpredictable terrain.


When you set off on your journey at long last, be sure to wear a helmet and appropriate clothing. Whether you’re on a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid or BMX, give yourself maximum protection against rough falls and avoid uncomfortable friction.

For kids

If you already have a bike, but it’s old and doesn’t perform the way you’d like, before thinking about a replacement, try offering it some TLC. A little maintenance goes a long way, whether you do it yourself or bring it in to the store for a few adjustments or repairs. 

Happy trails!