Helly Hansen Technologies

When you’re practising your favourite sport, what you really look for is optimal comfort, but also protection against the most extreme weather conditions.   Helly Hansen (HH) has been dedicated to meeting your needs for almost 140 years.

Founded in Norway, Helly Hansen produces professional-calibre apparel that allows you to fully enjoy your activity while staying warm, dry and comfortable.  In fact, the story behind Helly Hansen products is quite interesting.   Helly Juell Hansen was  a sea captain looking for a way to protect himself against the rigours of the Norwegian climate when he was at sea back in  1877.  After finding the ideal solution, his wife Margrethe and him launched their business producing waterproof jackets, pants, sou'westers and tarps made  of coarse linen soaked in linseed oil.  The rest is history and Helly Hansen is now the stuff of legend.

Ever since, HH can be found at over 200 ski and mountaineering  resorts all over the world. It outfits over 55,000 pros on the slopes and is trusted and worn by professionals at sea, in the mountains and at work sites.

This versatility is due to the importance given to performance, protection and security since day 1.  The Helly Hansen tradition continued and its credibility was established due to several unprecedented innovations inspired by those who practise a sport or work in the most extreme and ever-changing weather conditions.

1: Helly tech®

This technology combines a DWR-treated outer fabric, a highly breathable and waterproof membrane, seams completely sealed with waterproof tape and glue, and often, a lining (highly breathable inner fabric or netting).

The membrane:

  • Made of a polyurethane polymer (PU)
  • Provides softness and stretch


  • Ensures waterproofness
  • Ensures breathability

The hydrophilic barrier created by the membrane and coating is based on a principle which prevents salts from penetrating and obstructing the pores of the garment.  The garment is thus waterproof and breathable. 

The microporous PU membranes thus confer Helly Tech Technology its waterproof properties while enabling the evaporation of perspiration and heat.   

2: LIFA®

This fabric is based on a yarn technology that has been tested and perfected since the seventies.  Due to its moisture management and insulating properties, Lifa® draws moisture away from the skin while transporting perspiration to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates.

Since 2006, it has been combined with non mulesed merino wool from black sheep to create the highest performing base layer to date. 

  • It is composed of hydrophobic fibres which prevent the absorption of liquid.

These fibres are used on the first fabric layer of the base layer, which is nearest to the skin. When the first layer of yarn is combined with an additional layer having hydrophilic properties (moisture absorbing), perspiration from the body is wicked away and transported to the second layer to be absorbed.  The consumer thus stays warm, dry and comfortable.

These innovations allow you to put all of your trust in Helly Hansen apparel and make purchases to suit your needs.  You will be able to rely on them to stay warm and dry in all weather conditions.