With September right around the corner, preparation for the new school year has begun! Every new year is a clean slate and that means many opportunities and new goals to achieve. As children grow up and enter new classes, parents may experience a little nostalgia. If there is an accessory that symbolizes this part of the cycle of life, it is the backpack. We need a backpack for all the phases of our lives, whether we are starting middle school, university or traveling abroad for the first time. Do you need a bigger one? Which style is better for you? Here is some advice to help you choose the backpack that will suit you best.

The classic backpack

If you are looking for an ethically made backpack, Parkland Kingston’s bag are a perfect choice. Affordable and made of recycled polyester, these backpacks also have a padded computer pocket inside and come with a lifetime guarantee. Their 30 litres size makes them suitable for third graders and university students.

This year, Jansport upholds its solid reputation by creating beautiful bags available in a wide selection of colours, patterns and sizes. For instance, the Superbreak model distinguishes itself with a padded back panel that makes it very comfortable for daily use even when carrying heavy books. Most styles also come with a padded pocket suitable for a 15 inch computer.

The shoulder bag

For those who prefer a shoulder bag over a backpack, the Dakine brand has what you need. This type of « fourre-tout » bag will come in handy whenever you go out for a family day with easy access to all its contents.

The banana bag and the mini backpack

The backpack is not only a school feature, now it often replaces a handbag. Parkland offers the Rio, a cute 8 litre bag made with recycled polyester that goes well with everything. No bigger than most handbags, you will be happy to balance the weight on your shoulders. Practical, fashionable and ethically made, this model will charm you!

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The waist bag, also called « banana bag », is not a distant memory of the 80’s anymore. Now back in fashion, this accessory is not only stylish, it is also very useful.  Since it is relatively small, it conveniently keeps all your essentials at arm’s length. If you are going for a run, a hike or you don’t want your kids to forget their sunscreen at recess, the banana bag is the ideal solution. Being adjustable, you can also wear it over the shoulder for something different.

You are now ready to buy the bag that will suit your lifestyle and personality. With our wide selection of brands, there is no doubt you will find the perfect bag to start the new year on the right foot!