Ski goggles

An abundance of fresh fluffy snow has fallen, and the ski season is just waiting for you to begin! The only problem is that you have not yet found a new pair of ski goggles.  No need to panic, we have some great tips so that you to pick the perfect pair for your needs.  

Buying the right pair

Before you go to check-out, you will need to consider several important points, simply because ski goggles (or ski masks) are more than just regular ski goggles.  They are made to protect you from the elements while enabling the best possible visibility on the slopes.

What to consider:

  • UV ray protection: Don’t mix up the UV indicator that protects you from harmful rays and the tint which protects you from glare.  Nonetheless, the greater the UV protection the darker the tint will be.  In higher altitudes, choose a protection level of 3 or 4.  They are the best suited for the conditions.
  • Type of lens: Spherical or cylindrical, polarized, interchangeable or photo chromic with double lenses. For example, someone who only skis at night should buy goggles with a lens that meets his or her needs and requirements for night skiing.
  • The tint of the lens: All tints have their advantages and disadvantages. From brownish maroon to yellow to rose-coloured without forgetting about grey and iridium, they all have their own characteristics.  Don’t hesitate to get more information from a sales consultant
  • The brand features: Each brand has its own features as well as its own unique technology. It’s up to you to determine what will best meet your needs. 

Additionally, you’ll need to pay particular attention to the size of the frame.  Whether small, medium, large, over-sized or over theglasses frames are available, you must remember to consider the foam padding, the strap and the compatibility with your helmet. 

That may seem insignificant, but the compatibility with your ski helmet and the shape of your face will help prevent the goggles from fogging up.  Your goggles must fit the shape of your face perfectly and must be able to fit to your helmet.  Speaking of fog, put your goggles on before going out and avoid taking them off afterwards to prevent them from fogging up.


As mentioned above, each brand has its own unique technology.

For example, the Spy Happy LensMD is the perfect match if you want to maximize the sun’s “good rays” while blocking out those that can be harmful to your eyes.  In addition, it incorporates features that improve the colour and contrast of the surrounding scenery.

As for the Smith’s ChromaPopMD technology, it provides unparalleled clarity and crisp clean colours.  This feature helps to reduce eye fatigue.

And last but not least, Oakley offers the PrizmMD lens.  The colours are ultra-sharp and improve your visual acuity.  You will be able to see more clearly and react more quickly with complete confidence.

All of these technologies have their advantages: it’s a choice you have to make while considering, fit, style and your particular needs.  Most models also come with interchangeable lenses, which are highly recommended for those who ski in various conditions at different times of the day. 

Now that you have the information you need to make the right choice, all you need to do now is head to your local store, try on a pair of ski goggles and find the perfect pair for you.

On your marks, get set, ski!