Swimsuit trends for 2020

Swimsuit trends for 2020 

To relax on the beach or enjoy the summer heat, a good swimsuit is essential! What are the fashion trends this year? Here is everything you need to know!

1. Sun protection: an important concern

Among the juniors, several brands, including Columbia, offer long-sleeved jerseys made of a fabric that protects from sunrays. This technology shows how concerned people are becoming about skin health and sun exposure. With these kinds of swim shirts, your children are able to safely play outside!

2 - The one-piece swimsuit

In 2019, we told you that the one-piece swimsuit was back in fashion. In 2020, we predict that its popularity will only increase as more people try it out. In other words: to try it is to fall in love with it! Renown for being comfortable, the one-piece swimsuit is constantly finding new fans. Its come back can be explained by the wide selection of models that are now available in stores and also by the fact that tanning  is no longer as popular. Women have spoken: they want to feel beautiful without having to compromise comfort. Therefore, it is a good thing that brands are adapting to consumer desires by offering them swimsuits that can suit all personalities and silhouettes!

3 - Shapes

When it comes to men’s swimwear, the shapes don’t vary as much. In certain styles, you will notice that the shorts have gotten shorter at 14 inches. That being said, there is still a wider selection of 15 to 17 inch models.

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In women's bikinis, there is a large selection of different cuts from top to bottom. There are one-strap, crop-top, and sporty cuts (wide straps and square cuts with more support) that are also very fashionable. As for bikini bottoms, you will find numerous models made for a variety of silhouettes: cheeky, shorts and high waist.

4 - Flowers and stripes are in style

Prints with floral patterns and stripes will be very present in this year’s women's collections. In addition to these prints, several brands offer models with different textures and fabrics. The now famous "mix and match" method is still very much in fashion. You are welcome to use your creativity to mix and match different shapes and colors to get completely different styles.

In menswear, stripes are always trendy, but the floral designs have not been forgotten. Palm tree patterns are also very popular!

5- The use of recycled materials

Many brands of men's swimwear are now making bathing suits out of recycled water bottles. Yes, you read that right! Plastic bottles are first reduced to tiny particles and then transformed into threads used to make the fabric. The result? An eco-friendly swimsuit!

All in all, we notice that as the new decade starts, fashion tends to reflect global concerns like the environment, skin health and body positivity movements. The key word when it comes to consumer desires? Diversity! This way, fashion can really be for everyone.