What a pleasure it is to dream of the sun and this year’s swimsuit! Whether you’re coming up on a vacation, a spa weekend or a Saturday aquafit class, any excuse will do when it comes to finding the perfect swimsuit. So which one will you be slipping into? A solid, bold colour or a print? Sober or one of a kind? Read on as we lay out the 2019 swimsuit trends for you, plus a few of our faves.

Women’s swimsuits: the five trends of 2019

  1. Plenty of colours!

The swimsuits of 2019 respect the year’s colour trends. You’ll find pastels from pink and mauve to yellow and even mint green, not to mention bright colours and earth tones.

  1. Mix and match

In the fashion and décor worlds, this trend is getting a lot of love from the creative and the audacious. Why’s that? Because it’s the art of tastefully mixing beautiful materials, patterns, cuts or colours to create your own style. And because you’re so unique, only you’ll know when you find the two pieces that match best for you.

  1. Textures and prints galore

It’s a beach party! Floral, striped or polka-dot prints, and even solid colours: anything goes. Whether you’re a one-piece or a bikini type, you’ll find something to satisfy your tastes.

  1. The athletic fashion trend 

It’s a long way from a shapeless black one-piece. Athletic fashion has been a big hit with the younger generations, and this year it’s drawing its inspiration from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Models come with scalloped hips, high collars and flashy colours, including a selection of refreshing shades that play on water and sun. With plenty of cuts to choose from, you’ll find one that suits your taste and your body type.


  1. The one-piece

One-piece swimsuits have been making a splash for a few seasons now. Classic, a touch sexy with a plunging neckline, cut outs or patterns, high waists, push-up tops for smaller busts and more: whatever your style, this swimsuit is bound to become your new bestie.

Men’s swimsuits: 4 essential looks

  1. Bright colours

Reds, oranges, greens, blues, solids, neon, sometimes with contrasting piping or edging, this year, swimsuits for men are flaunting bright colours. The result is an energetic look that will not go unnoticed.

  1. Textures and prints

When you’re on vacation, you can dare to wear whatever you want. And the brands understand this well. With flowers, stripes, and plain or faded fabrics, it’s never been so easy to let your imagination run wild on the beach.

  1. Go retro

The Hawaiian influences of the 80s are back. Get ready to browse through wild colours and prints from that long-ago decade.

  1. Surfer shorts

Very cool and comfortable, with elastic waists, these swim shorts are shorter than classic swim trunks. The look is L.A. surfer. That’s pretty sweet, dude!

Surf’s up! Don’t forget the sunscreen.