Discover Group Running with Marie-Claude Perron

Do you want to start jogging, hit new strides physically or simply join a network of people who motivate you to get moving? Then you’re ready to run with a group: a social and motivating way to exercise outdoors while upping your fitness level.

Running clubs generally meet once or twice a week for periods of one to one-and-a-half hours, typically doing interval runs together.

Why interval running? Intervals improve cardiovascular fitness more than endurance running, namely because the body continues to work all day, not solely during the run. Plus, interval runs allow you to use more energy without necessarily feeling more fatigue. This is the best way for trained runners to improve their performance.

The benefits of running with a group

Jogging is a great way to get back into shape. And jogging with a group is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and meet people who are excited to get you moving. With this kind of support, it’s much easier to integrate exercise into your routine, and thus improve much more quickly.

Is running bad for your body? Theoretically, running isn’t bad for your body at all, but many people over-run or run too fast, too quickly and end up with injuries. When you start or restart running, it is important to alternate a minute of running with a minute of walking—something that very few people do. Running with a group will allow you to settle into an appropriate rhythm, avoid pushing your body too hard and help avoid injury.

Another important advantage of group running is that you have access to professional, experienced runners who can help you develop suitable techniques and proper running habits so that your workout is both healthy and sustainable.

Getting ready

If you’ve never run before, or if you haven’t run in some time, we recommend that you set out on your own before joining a running club, in order to get your body ready and to reap the maximum benefits from your first meet-up. If you’re an intermediate or advanced runner, or if you don’t feel like running by yourself, however, don’t hesitate to sign up without prior preparation.

Where to go

Marie-Claude did her group run with the Montreal Pelicans club, a club that offers group runs every Wednesday at 6:45 p.m. at Parc des Pélicans in Rosemont. The group’s activities are free and open to all. The youth sector offers athletics classes at the same time—so running can become a family activity!

There are plenty of running clubs throughout the province, and many are listed on, a not-for-profit organization. There’s very likely a running club near you—all you need is to show up and test it out!

What to wear

The most important aspect of running is your shoes. Choose a specialized running shoe and be sure to select a model that is adapted to your foot. The team at New Balance, for example, offers a great selection. Led by Quebec designer Jean-François Fullum, working together with athletes and mechanical engineers, they have developed a collection specifically for runners, with shoes that are light, shock-absorbing and optimally adjusted.

As for clothes, it’s important to select an outfit that breathes easily and in which you feel good. Don’t be afraid to layer when it’s colder outside to avoid perspiration. The New Balance collection has a specially adjusted cut specifically for running which manages sweat very well. Plus, it’s made to be visible to drivers.

Check out Marie-Claude during her group running session

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