What are the delivery times?   

We promise we’re doing everything we can to get your order in your hands as soon as possible.

Orders are estimated to arrive approximately 1 to 4 business days after confirmation of the order. 

How much are the shipping fees?

  • If the order is shipped to a home or office

Shipping will be free for any order of $74.99 or more (before taxes), and a flat rate of $8 will be charged for any order under $74.99 (before taxes). Regardless of the amount of the order, a fixed, one-time $10 fee will be charged in addition to all shipping costs, if applicable, when the order contains at least one oversized item. All items exceeding 1 meter in length, width or height are considered to be oversized. 

Please note that deliveries to PO Boxes are accepted.

  • If the order is shipped to a store for pick-up

Shipping to a store is free, regardless of the amount of your order. Also, no additional fees will be charged for oversized items in such cases.

Are shipping fees applicable on the purchase of a gift card?

No, when a gift card is purchased alone, all shipping fees will be waived. On the other hand, when ordered with other products, the value of the gift card is excluded in determining if the free shipping minimum threshold is met. Don’t forget that all shipping fees are always waived when ‘Pickup in store" is selected.

Can the shipping address differ from the billing address? 

Absolutely. Both addresses can be different. However, your shipping address must always be located in the province of Quebec. Moreover, your billing address should always match the address associated with the credit card used to pay for your order.

How can I track my order and its shipping? 

When the warehouse is ready to ship your order, you will receive an email containing a tracking number and link to the courier company’s website, where you will find all tracking information. If you had previously opened an account during your purchase, the tracking number and link will also be available in your order details, via My Account.

Where can I have my goods delivered?

You can have your goods delivered to any valid address in the province of Quebec—it can be your home or work place, just as long as it is located in the province of Quebec.

You can also have your order shipped free of charge to any Sports Experts or Atmosphere  store in the province of Quebec.

What should I do if, upon opening my package, an item is damaged?

Our Customer Service agents will be happy to assist you. You can reach them at either service.sportsexperts@fglsports.com or service.atmospherefr@fglsports.com. Their contact information will also appear on the packing slip enclosed with the package. Our Customer Service hours are available here. 

If I am not present at the time of delivery, where do I go pick up my package?

The courier company will leave you a notice indicating where you can pick up your package as well as the deadline for doing so. 

Can I have different items in a single order delivered to different addresses?

This is unfortunately not a possibility. For the time being, items from a single order can only be shipped to a single address