Update on Return Policies

We accept returns and exchanges in our stores, all of which have now re-opened. Returns can also be done through our distribution centre, though due to additional health and safety measures in place, returns to the distribution centre may take longer than usual to process. Thank you for your understanding.

Full return policy details are available here.

Please take note of the policy exclusions and exceptions:

For hygienic reasons, the following products cannot be returned or exchanged: jock straps, mouth protectors and facial coverings / masks. Additionally, socks, swimsuits, undergarments, sports bras, biking shorts and headphones may not be refunded or exchanged unless you have chosen ‘Pickup in-store’ and have tried the items on in the store while picking up your order. No return or exchange will be allowed if you leave without trying the products. For safety reasons, no returns will be accepted on climbing equipment with certification such as: carabiners and connectors, straps, pads, ropes, harnesses, slings, quickdraws and belay devices.


Customer Service

For all questions, requests or additional information, please contact:

service.sportsexperts@fglsports.com ou service.atmospherefr@fglsports.com.

Please note, wait times may be longer than usual due to the existing situation.  We thank you for your patience during these challenging times.