Breathtaking hiking views

Quebec is a magnificent and grandiose province, rich in natural beauty and water options, all of which offer breathtaking views for hikers. Fall is a majestic season, and hikers are more than pampered. Leaves that change color, the cool breeze that makes the effort less intense but just as rewarding, and swarms of birds flying south, are all characteristic of autumn hikes. The offer is so diverse that it is hard to choose our next destination.


It is in parc national des Grands-Jardins, in the Charlevoix region, that we find the trails offering the most beautiful views. You can admire Charlevoix’s meteorite crater on the popular Mont-du-Lac-des-Cygnes trail. If you like to climb, the La Chouenne trail will take you to the summit located at an altitude of 730 meters of altitude, from where you can admire all the beauty of the valley on the horizon for kilometers.

You will be able to complete your trip by taking on the Acropole-des-draveurs, a beautiful climb of 5 km on a drop of 800 meters, which will reward you with a stunning view on the valley of the Rivière-Malbaie.


Hiking enthusiasts are already familiar with Mont-Albert in the Gaspé Peninsula, famous for its long climb on a steep path, but few know the new Rivière-Cascapédia, a mature forest walk that leads to the junction of the Cascapédia River and the ruisseau aux Saumons. A picnic area has been set up and access to the river is possible.


In the Quebec City area, you will find in Jacques-Cartier National Park the arduous Les Loups trail, an 11 km hike that will show you the Laurentian massif as well as the valleys of Jacques-Cartier and Sautauriski. The fall walks are simply spectacular, thanks in large part to the variety of wildlife that can be found there.


Right in the heart of the first Réserve internationale de ciel étoilé, the Mont-Mégantic National Park in the Eastern Townships offers a breathtaking walk between the sky and the earth. At the top, at 1105 m, you will have the impression of dominating the world and being close to the stars.


Located just minutes from the metropolitan area, the Oka National Park stands out for its rich natural heritage. The trails offer a variety of hiking experiences. The beginners will turn to the Érablière or La Grande Baie, which offer breathtaking views of maple groves, and the colors they display in the fall. The experienced kikers will choose with enthousiasm La Sauvagine, a 11.8 km hike, which culminates on an unobstructed view of the Lake of Two Mountains and its soothing panorama.

Hikers are definitely pampered in Quebec. There are more than 200 trails to choose from, scattered throughout many regions. There are is something for everyone; beginner, amateur or experienced.

With all the beautiful and accessible trails, hikers have plenty of great choices. But to really discover them, what could be better than putting on your shoes, filling your water bottle and going out to visit one of these superb sites, listed on the SEPAQ website.

Wishing you a fantastic hike!