choosing the right tent

 Choosing the right tent; Camp out in the perfect tent

With its 27 national parks, the province of Quebec is a paradise for those who love to camp out. The choice is vast, but not as wide as your choice of tents! The main thing you’ll want to consider when shopping for your tent is the weather you’re likely to encounter.

 So, tell us: what type of camper are you? What kind of weather are you likely to camp out in? What features are you looking for? Read on to discover which tent is right for you.

The backpacking tent

 If you plan to use your tent to go on a bike tour, multi-day hike, or even to head off on a canoe trip, the size and weight of your tent will be your most important criteria, as you’ll have to carry your sleeping bag, food, gear, and change of clothes.

 The dome tent is the model of choice for serious trekkers. It’s light, doesn’t need to be staked to the ground, and can be set up in double-time.

 The material of the poles affects the weight (and price) of a tent. For a hiking tent, go for carbon poles or poles made of a strong, light aluminum alloy. Your back will thank you!

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The car camping tent

If you go to your campground by car, you’ll want something completely different. As you don’t have to carry your tent, you’ll want a family tent: it is heavier, but it allows room for standing and gives everyone plenty of space. You can choose a basic tent or include options based on your camping preferences.

 A second door is useful when several campers are sleeping under one roof. It helps you to avoid waking the group when you go to the washroom at night.

Some models come with a vestibule, while others allow for it to be added as an extra feature. A vestibule lets you store your luggage and protects you from rain or bugs when you remove your shoes.

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Tent capacity

To estimate the capacity of your tent, count the number of sleeping bags you can fit inside while leaving a little space between each one. Unless you want to limit the size of your tent for weight or space reasons, you’ll want to choose a tent that has room for your group, plus one. If you’re going camping by car, go ahead and pack a tent with greater capacity so that your crew has more space.

Weather and the seasons

Most tents allow you to camp comfortably in any weather, excluding the winter.

If you camp mainly in warm weather, choose a tent with several mesh panels for better air circulation. If you think you’ll be seeing a little rain, look for a tent with a full double roof.

If you go backcountry skiing, winter camping or on alpine expeditions, you’ll need a winter tent (also called an expedition tent). It’s a stronger, warmer tent designed to resist strong winds and prevent snow from accumulating.

To deal with weather of all types, make sure your tent has a strong, waterproof floor (made of nylon, for instance). It’ll need to stretch beyond just the area of the floor and up onto the sides. You don’t want to wake up wet in the middle of the night!

Now that you have all the information you need, what kind of tent do you think meets your camping needs? If you’re still unsure, our in-store experts will help you to find the ideal tent.