The 5 most wonderful places to go kayaking in Quebec

Set a foot outside, walk, ride a bike and breathe the fresh air to become one with nature. These are some comforting activities that give us a little break from our everyday life. It’s charming and exhilarating, but sometimes it’s nice not to have our feet on the ground anymore. Especially if it means discovering different rivers in the Province of Quebec. Kayaking is the best nautical practice to get another perspective of what is around us. It offers a multitude of emotions depending on the type of adventure you choose, at your own pace.
Whether in groups, with your family or all alone, arm yourself with your flotation jacket and water shoes for the most beautiful nautical trip you’ve ever had! Here are our five favorite places for kayaking!

Parc de la Rivière-des-Milles-Îles

Administrative region: Laval

Why: Largest natural park in the metropolitan area, it will allow you to observe animals in their natural habitat and discover a beautiful flora. This park is protected by wind and water currents, making kayaking easy, no matter the level you’re at. It is perfect for a family outing.
What sets it apart: Located a few minutes from Montreal.


Bonaventure River

Administrative region: Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine

Why: The Bonaventure River is a real paradise that offers unforgettable descents. It's an original location offering a multi-day expedition through unusual accommodations available on site, such as a night in the treetops. A total immersion for the nautical activities lovers. Alone or accompanied.
What sets it apart: The long stay and the unusual accommodation.


Katabatik – Aventure en Charlevoix

Administrative region: Capitale-Nationale

Why: Located only 60 minutes away from Quebec City, Katabatik offers a mind-blowing variety of kayaking adventures such as sea kayaking on the Fleuve Saint-Laurent and Baie Saint-Paul as well as the Rivière du Gouffre. You can register for the level of difficulty of your choice and fill your desire of solitude for half a day or a full day.
What sets it apart: The diversity of excursions offered in one place.


Le Paradis Marin

Administrative region: Côte-Nord

Why: These coastal waters are the most frequented by kayakers because of the magical feel of this place. By choosing Le Paradis Marin, you choose excursions where the main activity, besides sea kayaking, will be to admire the marine mammals that will approach your boat. A unique experience to discover both a new discipline and the nature from another angle, all while being well accompanied.
What sets it apart: The proximity of marine mammals.

Le parc des Îles-de-Boucherville

Administrative region: Montérégie

Why: This park is perfect for those wishing to kayak in observation mode. Near Montreal, it will be easy for you to make this nature getaway and come back home quickly at the end of the day. The wildness of the place and its fauna are very interesting.
What sets it apart: Only 20 minutes from Montreal.


Whether your adventure is sporty or recreational, these places will allow you to experience kayaking in your own way and at your own pace.

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