Glamour and camping: the best of both worlds

Do you find yourself yearning for nature and the great outdoors? Do you find your mind wandering over morning coffee at the office to the blissful tranquility of the countryside? Yet do you shudder at the idea of bugs and creepy crawlies, inflatable mattresses and any kind of rainfall – and realize once again that you’re not the typical happy camper?

If so, glamping may be your way to get out into nature. Does a combination of “glamour” and “camping” speak to you? Glamping is camping, but with a touch of luxury! There are now plenty of campsites around Quebec that offer glampsites that provide all-included comfort. Ready to go “glaventuring”? Here are a few ways to go!


Here’s a completely change in scenery! An age-old residence of nomadic peoples living in the steppes of Central Asia, yurts have also been popping up in the countryside of Quebec. If you’re looking to completely get away from the rat race, a yurt is ideal. The rounded residences are relaxing, and at night through the skylight, you can watch the stars. The yurts found on Sépaq sites can accommodate up to four people. Although bathroom facilities are located outside, inside you can live in style. With electric lighting, an oven, refrigerator, wood stove and all the kitchenware you need, you can cook up a “camp” dinner for your hikers. Yurts are a different take on an all-inclusive holiday.

Inflatable tents

Around for a couple of years now, inflatable tents are becoming super popular. More and more campgrounds are welcoming these tents that are easy to transport by car, comfortable and spacious. Heavier than a backpacking tent, they appeal to rookie outdoorspeople who desire comfort. For couples, there are even models with transparent roofs to give you that romantic, sleeping out under the stars feeling!

Some inflatable tents can accommodate a dozen people, so don’t let travelling in a group stop you. Set-up is simple. You just need access to electricity.

Ready-to-camp tents

The perfect compromise between “real camping” and comfort, ready-to-camp tents are offered everywhere in Quebec on Sépaq sites. Perfect for families, these tents offer extra heating, comfy beds and a water supply nearby. This means you can travel light, while at night, everybody can sleep easy knowing they’ll be cozy and warm - and well-protected from animals of the forest that may come sniffing around!

EXP. cabins

With these one-of-a-kind cabins, you can enjoy tasteful design and comfort in the heart of nature! Now widely available across the province, some EXP. cabins can accommodate up to four people. These are not meant to be rustic log cabins, but rather architectural visions of life in nature. With windows on two sides and their completely open concept, when you’re not outside yourself, nature is invited inside. Whether you are nature-lovers or a couple on a romantic getaway, these cabins will charm you.

With all this to choose from and more, glamping combines the best of both worlds: the happiness of being in nature with the joy of being cozy and comfortable. Whether you’re holidaying as a couple, family or gang of friends, with a little online research, you can customize your perfect luxury outdoor experience.

Yes, you too can be a happy camper!