Pack a picnic for the trails 

By Genevieve O’Gleman, nutritionist,

When you go out hiking with friends you have two choices, everyone can bring their own lunch, or everyone can share in a meal together.  You can guess which I prefer!

 A picnic is so much more friendly and gourmet. Plus, it can be less complicated as each person can take care of a part of the meal to be shared. I always volunteer to prepare my special hiker’s salad

On the trail, it’s such a let down to arrive at the top only to pull out a soggy sandwich and a limp lifeless salad.  I want the food that I bring to be as appetizing at the summit as it was when I left home.  That’s the challenge I set for myself: create a salad that would be tantalizing even after a few kilometres tossing around in my back pack.  Success! I think I met my challenge!

To make my tabbouleh boost I chose kale, carrots, yellow beans and radishes, all very hardy vegetables that can survive the climb.  I add a base of wheat couscous, canned legumes and... there you have it! Lupins are very crunchy and pack even more protein than other legumes, so they are really perfect for this recipe. 

 When I go hiking, I really favour vegetable proteins over meat.   Legumes are far less susceptible to bacteria development than meat or fish.  They keep very well in a backpack when you don’t have access to a fridge. 

 When you get to the top, take the time to sit down, take in the view and recharge your batteries.I like to use a microfibre towel as a tablecloth to set up the meal.  Everyone takes out the food they prepared from their backpack and we all help ourselves.  It’s super relaxing!

To save space, I bring bowls , cups and collapsible water bottles as well as combination knives/forks .

And now you’re in on all my secrets for great meals on the trails! It’s now up to you to enjoy!

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