Underwear that is winter ready

It now the perfect time to prepare to stay active all winter long with the right attire. While it is important to dress appropriately in order to face the tough winter conditions and enjoy the sports that you love, it is easy to forget the basics: underwear.

Of course, you have to wear a coat, a hat, a scarf and gloves, but if you don’t have the right gear underneath, you will either be too cold or too hot, no matter which coat you wear. If the basics are not up to par, how can the rest work properly?

Men's underwear

Women's underwear

Multilayered system

Go for the multilayered system that enables you to enjoy your favorite winter activities without worrying about being too cold or too hot. It’s modular and adapts to what you do. It’s made of three layers : the basic layer (active underwear), the middle layer (the clothes worn on top of the underwear) and the outerwear (coat). Each layer has its purpose and protects you in its own way.

From socks to baselayer sweaters to bras and long underwear, you will find a large array of options.

Underwear is the foundation of comfort. The materials, the cut and freedom of movement are the main factors to take into account. For example, if you are a woman, the fabric of your bra is something to consider. You must pay special attention to the design in the back and to the materials used for breathability.

Besides bras, there are camisoles, undershirts, long underpants, baselayer tights and socks.

The materials

All the items are made of merino or synthetic wool. Your personal preferences will dictate your final choice, but it is important to fully understand the benefits of each material.

Merino wool: A lot of underwear is made with merino wool. This material is natural, ultra-light, soft, warm and breathable. It is also anti-microbial when it has the highest percentage of content in the fabric. Because of that feature, clothing made with merino wool can therefore be worn more than once without the risk of causing odours, which is particularly practical on ski trips. Another added bonus is that it is non-itching and keeps you warm and dry. In order to keep your clothes made with that material as long as possible, wash them and dry them with care.

Synthetic: Underwear made with synthetic material are everywhere on the market. Many types and combinations of fibers exist. A wide selection of warmer, more breathable and more affordable underwear is therefore available to you. This type of underwear is well insulated to keep you warm and dry, and it works even better when it is worn close to the body, directly on the skin. We also want to mention that it lasts longer than underwear made with merino wool.

What about your feet?

There is nothing worse than having wet feet during practice. Feet are one of the parts of the body that sweat the most. It certainly helps to have two pairs of socks with you when you have several outings planned for the day, but there are other options. For a single practice, choose synthetic liner socks to wear under warmer socks. That combination will ensure that your feet stay dry. You can also choose ergonomic socks with specific features to help with comfort and performance.

There is no miracle solution, just ONE solution that works for you. Feel free to test multiple layers to see what you prefer according to the weather in which you enjoy your favourite sport.