Daily walks
5 reasons to take daily walks

If you’re the kind of person who’s not really into exercise, if you can’t find the time for it in your busy schedule, or if you don’t want to shell out for a gym membership, then walking is for you. It has a surprising number of health benefits, yet it’s a simple physical activity that needs no real planning or prep.

1. To regenerate your body

Plenty of studies show that the effects of walking on health offer a surprising number of benefits. Daily walks can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, promote weight loss, strengthen your bones and skeleton and aid good posture without joint tension. What’s more, research has shown that a daily walking routine triggers an anti-aging process that helps repair damaged DNA.

2. To soothe your mind

For dedicated daily walkers, the practice can also mean accepting a form of slowness and solitude, leaving room to observe the environment around and fully take it in. Take the time to inhale and exhale calmly, over and over. You’ll feel oxygenated and a release from tension. Many studies have pointed this out: walking reduces stress and anxiety.

3. Because it doesn’t cost a dime and anybody can do it

A big advantage of walking is that it’s free and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. It’s an activity that’s easy to integrate into your daily life, so why not take advantage of every opportunity to make it a regular practice? For example:

4. Because 20 minutes a day is enough

There’s no need for any equipment or schedules! Give yourself 20 minutes of walking per day, whether to get to work, take your child to daycare or get some fresh air during your lunch. You can also choose to break your walking into a few shorter walks spread throughout the day.

Remember: walking is the only physical activity you can do every day without needing time for your body to recover - because it causes no damage to your body!.

How to motivate yourself to walk?

Some tips that may encourage you:

5. To fill up on vitamin D even in the winter!

Another advantage of walking is that it gets you outside in the sun, which in turn gets you your dose of vitamin D. Today, nearly 80% of the world's population suffers from vitamin D deficiency, particularly because of our indoor ways of life. However, this vitamin is essential; for example, it helps regulates immunity. By walking a little each day, you can increase your reserves of vitamin D.

For anybody looking for a new way to harmonize the heart, body and mind, walking is a simple solution! If you already walk, perhaps you’d like to start a beginner's running program? Discover how to get started in jogging here.