A sport and a good time: Inline skates are back!

Now that spring is here, how about a complete, fun and affordable exercise that you can practice solo or with the family? Inline skating, popularly known as rollerblading, offers all the above! Now is the right time to slip on a pair of inline skates and have some fun under the sun: you won’t even notice you’re getting a workout too! Rollerblading is for everybody, and the benefits are many. Read on to learn more.

Inline skating offers plenty of fitness benefits

Inline skating gets all the lower body into action, which makes it an excellent cardio workout. The sport also strengthens your calves, thighs, glutes and abs, not to mention your entire arms. It basically gets the whole body into tip-top shape while also greatly improving your balance. Importantly, rollerblading is shock-free and gentler on your cartilage than jogging. The impact of your feet on pavement when running, can hurt your ankles, knees and hip cartilage and lead to more serious injuries. For injured athletes, strapping on impact-free inline skates and going rollerblading is a great alternative exercise.

Where to go inline skating

If you’re just starting out, take your first steps on inline skates in your driveway or find a lane with little or no traffic—and be cautious. A helmet and kneepads are musts. And because it’s natural if you wipe out to break your fall with your hands, wrist guards and elbow pads complete your protection.

Ready to hit the road? First of all, remember that inline skating on streets and sidewalks is prohibited, but you’re allowed to skate on any bicycle path. There are plenty of great places across Canada to roll. Before you gear up, just check out the length of the route and what it’s composed of: smooth asphalt or clay make this sport more fun.

Get the kids into it early

“The younger they start inline skating, the quicker it becomes second nature!” This is what trainers say, as children as young as four years old can take up rollerblading.

On the equipment side, kids can wear the same helmet they do on their bicycle, along with knee pads, elbow pads and gloves to protect their hands and wrists when they fall. When shopping for inline skates, some children’s models have adjustable sizing to accommodate children’s growing feet.

Never forget to pad up the kids and top them off with helmets. With a little bit of patience at the beginning, you’ll be up against a future champion in no time!

A complete exercise that never gets monotonous, inline skating is an activity that you can enjoy as soon as the days get sunny and warm. This sport is also a bonus for cross-country skiers, as it effectively keeps your body toned for skiing as you await the next season!

So get outside and let the good times roll!