Bad weather? Discover indoor activity centres for children!

If it’s raining cats and dogs outside, here’s some good news for you. It’s the perfect time to bring the kids to an indoor amusement centre where they can expend their energy on exciting activities. There’s no way the kids or teens will get bored because these places were built to offer a full day of fun.

In giant mazes, up in the air or in the water, laughter and family bonding are guaranteed. They’ll almost make you want to hope for rain tomorrow!

Amusement parks

Quebec has several amusement parks, some created for toddlers with little slides and rides, while others are perfect for the entire family with giant mazes, trapezes, ball pools or even a 4D movie theatre. Amusement parks blow off kids’ energy as well as develop their psychomotricity.

  • Most centres are open on statutory holidays
  • Rooms can be rented for birthdays
  • Usually, the prices are under $15
  • Some centres even offer shows!

Climbing centres

If your kids have tons of energy, are stressed out or have problems concentrating, climbing just might be the perfect activity for them. Climbing fine-tunes dexterity, concentration and perseverance—and offers exciting challenges.

Most centres have several levels—from beginner to advanced—so that everybody can have fun. Plus, if your little one would like to do more than just climb, some centres offer games as well!

  • Several holiday package deals are offered for kids or small groups supervised by a monitor
  • You can rent climbing shoes at the centres

Trampoline centres

Trampolining is currently very popular with kids and teens. Did you know that you can even play basketball or jumper ball on a trampoline? In most centres, there are also trapezes, climbing walls or even ball pools, so it’s impossible to get bored!

  • You can have a children’s birthday party, and a host can help you with the group in some centres
  • Most centres are appropriate for both young children and teenagers

Aquatic centres

Aquatic centres are musts at any age, and also very affordable—and often free for toddlers. Almost every town has an indoor pool, ideal for an improvised outing as they are usually accessible by public transit. If you’re seeking something more spectacular, some centres are huge enough to spend the entire day having fun no matter the season.

  • Aquatic centres usually offer low prices for local residents
  • Some complexes welcome small groups of children for aquatic-themed birthdays
  • If you’re entertaining kids of all ages, while you have fun with the older ones, the little ones can take swimming lessons.

Just because it’s pouring outside, it doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck in the house. Keep in mind that these centres were created specifically  so that all kinds of fun times can be had, and you and the kids can blow off steam. Whether it’s just you and your little one, or an outing with several families, you’ll enjoy a great bonding experience. Check online or ask other parents about their favourite indoor places to bring their kids.

Now get inside and have fun!