Four tips to stay active even when travelling

Four tips to stay active even when travelling

It isn’t always easy to keep up with a workout routine or to stay active everyday. Now imagine having to pack your bags and hitting the road for a vacation or for a business trip. Going to a new or different place and changing your daily routine often makes staying active even harder.  Your normal routine will usually be affected due to changes in your sleep schedule and your meals, but what if you try to change things up and find a way to stay active even when travelling?

You shouldn’t put physical activity aside during this temporary change in routine instead, simply try to integrate exercises and work into the new setting.  Here are some tips to help you keep moving even when you're on the go.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Nothing helps more than planning ahead of your trip. Most of the time, you probably already make lists to plan for vacations or business trips early on.  If you look up restaurants and hotels, why not just add some physical activity to the list?

Here are some ideas to help you prepare:

Invite Coworkers, Friends or Family Members

It's always easier to stay motivated and keep active when you’re working out with someone else. If you're used to working out with others, try including the people around you to join in on your activities. Reach out to family members, friends or coworkers on your trip to come out for a walk, go for a quick run or do a small yoga session with you. You can manage to stay active while also creating some meaningful connections.   Alternatively, you can also ask them to help you try out their favourite sport or even visit some local spots during a long walk to discover some hidden gems in their area.

Try Out the Freebies

Of course, most sports clubs, gyms and yoga centres generally offer the possibility of a free trial. This is the perfect opportunity to discover new exercises but also to stay active while travelling without much extra expense.  You can then share your knowledge and make recommendations to others who may be travelling to the same place.

Modify Your Workout

It’s often hard to fit your normal workout into a different schedule filled with many activities. Instead of dropping your normal workout altogether, try changing it up a bit. Try integrating a prepared easy-to-do workout routine that you can do anywhere and anytime, morning or evening.  

If creativity is not your thing, there are several easy workout videos on YouTube or other apps like Nike, Sworkit or even professionally-written eBooks that are inexpensive, available on the web and easy to take with you.

With all of these tips, there’s no excuse not to stay active! You now have everything you need to stay active while fully enjoying your trip whether for business or pleasure. And if this hectic schedule is stressing you out, consider trying activities you’re comfortable with to make it easier to follow these tips.

Don’t stress, this one’s a breeze.

Ready, set, go!