The effective Totalfitness program, exclusive from Énergie Cardio

Article written in collaboration with Philippe Morvan, training supervisor at Énergie Cardio and accredited kinesiologist.

Are you looking for an effective program to stay active? Énergie Cardio has created a four-to-six week exercise program specially for Sports Experts.

With two to four workouts per week and a balanced diet, you’ll quickly see results. This program was put together by a kinesiologist, and the objective of each of these exercises is to slim down, build your strength or increase your cardio-vascular capacity.  This is a basic program. Reach out to a trainer or nutritionist for a more personalized training. It’s a nice gift to treat yourself to, and it can help you meet your goals.  So slip on your workout gear and get started!


These exercises are designed to slim the legs and effectively tone the glutes, without using a machine.

Equipment-free exercise for quadriceps and glutes: squats

  • Sets: 1 or 2
  • Reps: 15

The trunk and head remain straight for the entire exercise. Align your knees with the tips of your toes and never go beyond them. Progressively add weight for more of a challenge.

1 Squat

Equipment-free exercise for legs without a machine: hip extension

  • Sets: 1 or 2
  • Reps: 15

Lying on your back with arm support on each side, lift the pelvis from the ground while pushing the extended leg upward. Come back down with control.

2 Extension de la hanche


A more toned upper body helps you get better results from both exercise and daily life.

Exercise for the pectorals with free weights: bench press

  • Sets: 1 ou 3
  • Reps: 15

Lying on the back, with your arms vertical, lower the dumbbells until the arms are parallel to the ground, then return to the initial position.

3 Développé couché

Exercise for the back with machine: pull-downs

  • Sets: 1 or 2
  • Reps: 15

Hold the bar at shoulder width, the palms in supination (facing up). Pull the bar down to the level of the sternum, then bring it back up to the initial position. Go both up and down with control, keeping the abs engaged.

4 Tirade verticale

Exercise for the shoulders with weights: overhead press with free weights in a seated position

  • Sets: 1 or 2
  • Reps: 15

In a seated position, with your back straight, hold the weights on each side of the body at chin height. Push the weights up to fully extend the arms, then return to the initial position.

5 Développé militaire


This ab exercise strengthens the core.

Exercise for the legs and the abdominals without a machine: mountain climber

  • Sets: 1 or 2
  • Hold: 15

Supported on your hands, in abdominal plank position, bring the right knee to the right elbow and return, then bring the left knee to the left elbow.

6 Mountain Climber


To effectively lose weight and keep it off, you need cardiovascular exercises.

Stationary bike with intervals

  • 2 minutes of effort
  • 2 minutes of rest
  • Reps: 5

Do 5 repetitions of 2 minutes of effort at 7/10 intensity, followed by 2 minutes of recovery.

7 Vélo Stationnaire

Treadmill with intervals

  • 3 minutes of effort
  • 2 minutes of rest
  • Reps: 4

Do 4 reps of 3 minutes of effort at 7/10 intensity, followed by 2 minutes of recovery.

8 Tapis Roulant


Stretches and flexibility exercises maintain a good range of movement and functional mobility.

Stretch for the lats and obliques

  • Sets: 2
  • Hold: 30 seconds
  • Repeat on the other side

Standing with the legs wider than the hips, flex your trunk to the side and hold the posture for 30 seconds; repeat on the other side.

9 Étirement du grand dorsal et obliques

Stretch for the glutes

  • Sets: 2
  • Hold: 30 seconds
  • Repeat on the other side

Seated on the ground, cross one leg over the other and rotate the trunk to push the opposite elbow against the outside of the folded leg; repeat on the other side.

10 Étirement des fessiers

Stretch for the quadriceps

  • Sets: 2
  • Hold: 30 seconds
  • Repeat on the other side

Supported on one leg, flex the opposite knee and keep the position for 30 seconds; repeat on the other side.

11 Étirement du quadriceps

Good eating habits, quality sleep and lower stress are also factors that will help you effectively lose weight and keep it off. Remember that consistency is key as well. Organize your agenda to include time for sports, and your efforts will quickly be rewarded.

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The publications on this site are for information and educational purposes only. Before starting the workout, ensure that this program is right for you with a kinesiologist. If you experience health problems, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before starting the workout program. This program is designed for an asymptomatic clientele.