Sail Through Your Next Family Day at the Beach

Swimming, tanning, ice cream: it’s finally time to head to the beach! You’re already dreaming of lazing about in the sun, splashing through the waves and enjoying it all with your precious little ones, regardless of how far afield you’re planning to wander. In order to guarantee the day is enjoyed by both young and old, all you need are a few simple, wacky ideas.

The Secret is Preparation

Getting properly prepared will help you avoid lots of grief. Having hours of fun can be surprisingly demanding—so make sure your kids have full bellies before settting out. Most importantly, bring enough water (we recommend one bottle per person) and encourage your kids to sip regularly. Prepare snacks and all the special foods your kids love for a great picnic, and pack a cooler to keep salads, sandwiches and fruit fresh.

Protect your family’s skin from the sun by applying water-resistant sunscreen before stepping outside then put on your beach hats. Your children’s delicate skin will require an SPF of at least 30. Reapply it every two hours to ensure the whole family is protected from sunburn.

Your youngest kids will need floaties for swimming sessions to keep them as safe as possible, or for perfect safety: life jackets. As they grow, your kids should transition to inflatable armbands, which are lighter and less obtrusive. The goal is to find the model they’re most comfortable wearing so that they keep it on all day. That way, they can play to their heart’s content, and you won’t have to stress.

Games Are Worth the Effort!

Going to the beach is the perfect opportunity to create magical family moments that last a lifetime. For maximum joy and laughter, try out different games until you find the ones your family loves!

  • Relay Race

    The goal is simple: two teams, two big, empty containers more or less close to the water, and two small buckets. Each team must fill the large container as quickly as possible by relaying the buckets of water to and from it. Love a challenge? Add obstacles to your race!

  • Frisbees, Rackets and Balls

    A new take on a frisbee-tossing contest, an acrobatic race course while juggling a ball, or a simple game of badminton—anything goes! If the beach has a beach volleyball court, you can join other vacationers for a spirited match.

  • Water Sports

    Plenty of beaches offer watersport equipment rental services if you don’t have your own gear. This is the perfect moment to initiate your kids to a ton of activities they wouldn’t normally have a chance to engage in: kayaking, pedal boating, stand-up paddle boarding—it’s your call!

  • Photo Rally

    Pull out your smart phones and cameras and throw yourself into beach discovery. The concept is simple: one of the family wanders off to take a few pictures within a set perimeter. Next, everyone sets off on a search of the beach to identify the objects in the photos. This is a great opportunity to discover your kids’ photography skills and their sense of observation.

  • Sand Castles and Sculptures

    There are a ton of games you can play in the sand. The classic sand castle is always a favourite, but why not try something more creative? Add objects, villages, moats—in fact, go ahead and sculpt animals or people. It’s time to awaken the Michelangelo within!

  • Just Wander Around and Collect Beautiful Beach Finds

    The beach and surrounding environment are full of treasures. Wander the shore and discover shells, driftwood, pretty stones—anything that can be used to create eye-catching decorations. Try fashioning them into lamps, coat hangers, or mirror ornaments—the possibilities are endless. On top of recycling nature’s beauty, you’ll have gorgeous souvenirs of your day at the beach.

So what are you waiting for? The weather won’t be nice forever! Take advantage of every opportunity you’re given to get outside. Gear up with sunscreen and snacks and throw yourself into the discovery of a beach near you!