Stay in Shape with Inline Skating

Easy, accessible and fun inline skating is a great, complete and balanced training program.

Inline skating lets you burn a similar number of calories as jogging or running, but is easier on your body since it is a very low-impact sport, since the motion is more fluid and continuous so there is no repetitive impact of the foot pounding the ground.

Inline skating allows you to burn 600 to 650 calories per hour, and as many as 900 if a good speed is maintained. In fact, numerous studies have shown that skating is one of the fastest and most effective ways to burn fat.

Skating helps increase cardiovascular capacity and muscles, which in turn help develop strength, endurance and balance.

This activity involves the legs (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and ankles) as well as glutes and core (abs and lumbar muscles).

Make the most of your skating experience by combining it with yoga, swimming and some light-weight training.

In addition, like all cardiovascular activities, skating produces endorphins – a substance that helps reduce anxiety and, like morphine, is an analgesic, so it helps reduce the sensation of pain while increasing tolerance to it.

You’ve never tried skating before? Doing a few muscle strengthening exercises before you start inline skating is a good way to facilitate your learning experience.

This summer, join the 100,000 Quebecer skaters and have fun skating alone, with friends or with your family!