Tennis tips for summer beginners

Once a sport reserved for the elite, today tennis is accessible to everybody. An excellent exercise for the body and mind, it improves cardio, concentration and even tactical thinking. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete on the courts, or you’d like to get your exercise this summer playing tennis, follow these simple tips and pointers to start off on the right foot and make quick progress.

Choose the right equipment

For different levels of player, there are actually a few types of tennis balls. The bigger and softer the ball, the easier it is to hit. Training balls, or reduced speed tennis balls, are generally made of foam or felt, and they help beginning players build their reflexes as they start off at a slower game. As tennis matches with these balls are easier, they are also more motivating: you’ll be surprised by how much better you are than you’d imagined! Once you’ve managed 30 exchanges with a reduced speed ball, you can move on to standard tennis balls.

A good racket is key to a satisfying tennis game! If you’re starting out, a racket that’s already strung is perfect. Buy your entry-level racket in aluminum or aluminum composite. Or if you wish to treat yourself to a higher-priced graphite or graphite composite racket, you’ll see the difference in your game if you play regularly.

You may also want to invest in a tennis bag so that you can easily transport your racket - and the rackets of the rest of the family.

How to improve your tennis game

If you’ve played a handful of games and feel like pushing yourself to a higher level, nothing beats having a trainer! Check out the different tennis clubs in your town: meet the team and check the best times for your schedule. With the help of a coach, you’ll make quick improvements, master your style and work on your weaknesses. Joining a tennis club also gives you the opportunity to meet tennis partners at your level and to take on a variety of opponents. In sports, nothing’s worse than routine, and the challenge of different playing styles will help you quickly improve.

To up your game, there’s no single secret. As with all sports, dedication and the frequency of training are determining factors. Working on your back hand over and over again in the sun may test your patience, but it will quickly pay off.

Tournée Sports Experts

A must for neophytes and hardcore tennis players alike, the Tournée Sports Experts has been travelling the province of Quebec for 25 years now! Running from June to September, it offers fun tennis workshops for players of all ages in fifty towns around the province – and it’s all free! In addition to the tips on technique you’ll get in the workshops, you can participate in skill competitions and even win great prizes! It’s a great opportunity to meet tennis aficionados like yourself and share stories. Discover all the events on the Tennis Québec webpage [FR] or on this page.

Tennis is a perfect sport to enjoy during the long, sunny days of summer! It’s a complete workout and tennis courts are accessible to everybody, semi-pros or beginners. It’s never too late to start playing, and of course – don’t forget that the most important thing is to have fun!


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