Tips on how to ride with your children hassle-free
Tips on how to ride with your children hassle-free!

Cycling with your kids can be fun. However, some parents are reluctant to ride with their kids on the streets. Here are some tips and itineraries that will make biking with your little ones enjoyable and safe events.

Tips and Tricks

Riding with children

A bicycle is the first vehicle a child masters and helps build a sense of autonomy. Teach your child to become a safe and responsible cyclist. Here are some tips to make your family ride a safe one.

Should you ride in front or behind the child?

When parents and children ride together on the street, there are two ways to monitor them.

You can ride behind the child and see how he/she behaves. This is a good position to give him/her some advice. You can also ride in front in order to forestall any impending danger (intersections, car doors, etc.).

It's up to you to choose where to ride depending on where you are, your child's age and how comfortable they are on the bike.

Should you ride on the street or on the sidewalk?

According to the road safety code, it is forbidden to ride on the sidewalks which are reserved for pedestrians. However, it is common for children to ride their bikes on the sidewalk. Children 10 and under should ride on the sidewalk at a reasonable speed (5-10 km/h).

Children under 5 years of age should only ride in alleyways, parks and sidewalks while children 6-10 years old can ride in alleyways, parks, sidewalks and on bike paths or quiet streets if they have a good control of their bike.

It’s all up to you!

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For a family picnic

What could be more rewarding than a family meal at Fort Chambly in the summer? And getting there by bike of course! Easily accessible from Montreal and the Rive-Sud, this 12.5 km route will take you from Longueuil to Chambly winding through the Montérégie.

Route Verte : La Montée du chemin Chambly

THE family event not to miss

The very popular flagship event, theTour de l'ile de Montréal take place during the Go Vélo Montréal festival and it needs no introduction. About 25 000 cyclists take to the streets of the metropolis to cycle its 5 courses: 25 km, 50 km, 50 km express, 60 km and 100 km. You can’t miss the festivities!

Go Vélo Montréal festival : Le Tour de l’ile de Montréal

Go for a long sunny ride

Looking for a picturesque and safe place to stretch your legs with the kids? L'Estriade is just the ride for you. Located near Bromont and Granby, this 21 km route is entirely along a bike path. An opportunity for you to enjoy the peaceful landscape!

Route Verte : L’Estriade

For a family weekend

Looking for a more upbeat walk? The P'tit Train du Nord is a 232-km track that runs along an old railway line between Bois-des-Filion and Mont-Laurier. It is the longest linear park in Canada and offers activities over four seasons. Remember to book your B&B in the Laurentians before departing

Route Verte : Le parc linéaire du P’tit Train du Nord

Discover the joys of cycling

For those looking to travel by bike with their family, the Petite Aventure Desjardins is for you! This year, Vélo Québec offers you a new route in French-speaking Ontario, in the Prescott-Russell region. Does that ring a bell? It's right next door, about an hour from Montreal. From Vankleek Hill, you will ride along the Ottawa River and inland around Plantagenet, where you will stay for two nights. Perfect for a bit of bike touring practice before heading out on the family adventure.

Vélo Québec Voyages : La Petite Aventure Desjardins

Text written by Vélo Québec.