Choosing the right athletic shoe is not as simple as you might think. In recent years, brands have developed specialized models that meet the needs of each sporting activity, whether it is running, athletic walking, basketball, or HIIT and CrossFit training. In order to help you choose the right fit, here is an overview of this fall’s trends.

A pair of shoes for each sport 

Take full advantage of your shoes and avoid long-term injury by choosing a model adapted to your training. The type of support you need may vary depending on the sport you practice. For example, a running shoe is designed for forward movements, while a training shoe is suitable for fast lateral movements. You will also notice a difference in the cushioning. Running is a high impact sport, so the shoes will be more cushioned to relieve the impacted joints (knees, ankles, etc.).

For CrossFit and HIIT training, Nike's Metcon, Reebok's Nano and New Balance's Prevail are the trendiest models for the season. For running, the brands Asics, Nike, Brooks and New Balance offer a large selection of designs to suit all styles. If you are a basketball fan, Nike is still a staple for the sport. Puma, on the other hand, stands out with trendy designs that will appeal to the younger crowd.

Athletic walking: a sport to discover

Did you know that walking is the number one sport in Quebec? Practiced daily and over long distances, walking is a sport that creates many benefits for physical and mental health. Athletic walkers will be happy to learn that models made by Skechers, Reebok and Merrel are particularly adapted to this activity. 

Skechers stands out with two new products that will make your feet happy:

  • A model designed to support the arch of the foot.
  • An exclusive female model with a "stretch fit" on the upper part of the shoe to allow women with bunions to feel much more comfortable.

In addition, each shoe is designed to ensure maximum comfort for the one who wears it!

Footwear new arrivals

Sneakers for everyday life

There’s no denying that the athleisure style is here to stay. In other words, sneakers are fashionable for everyday life, not just for sports like they used to be. Several brands such as Vans, Nike, Skechers and Adidas offer stylish designs that will pair wonderfully with most items in your wardrobe. White shoes are still very trendy this year, but black is also making a comeback. The Skechers UNO models and the Adidas Grand Court are both very popular.

An ecological shift

In recent years, several athletic brands have adopted environmental measures to the delight of our planet. This is particularly the case for Adidas, which offers models of shoes made from recycled materials. 

To help find the right shoe for you, our in-store advisors will be happy to answer your questions. With some direction, you  will  find the ideal models for every facet of your life!