How  to shop for the right winter jacket

For every season there is a jacket! In the summer, we chose light material for evenings and cooler days, but in the winter, we need to think about the best protection for our needs.  The choices are endless... what to do? 

 In order to simplify the choices and help you to choose the right winter jacket, here are a few tips:

 The basics

Basically, it’s important to understand that for the utmost comfort in winter, a multi-layer system is key.  A multi-layer system lets you enjoy your winter activities without worrying about being too hot or too cold, as it is a modular system.  In other words, you first put on the base layer (sports underwear, then the middle layer and finally the shell.

Assessing your needs

Next, before making a purchase it is important to assess your needs. Will you be wearing the jacket everyday or only for the intended activity or a particular sport? You will then be able to determine the type of insulation that bests suits your needs (synthetic or down).

Note that for a winter jacket, the experts recommend a minimum of 100 grams of insulation in the body and 60 grams in the arms.  This important piece of information can be found on the inside of some jackets. Do not hesitate to ask a sales associate for help with this.

If air flow is important to you, pay particular attention to zippered vents which allow the air to circulate.

 Weather conditions and intended use

You will also need to consider the weather conditions when you wear the jacket.  Will you wear the jacket when it is snowing or on rainy days?  If yes, you will need to consider how waterproof the jacket is.  A few important details to consider: seams, water resistance, breathability.  These details can usually be found on the jacket’s hang tag.   For more intense physical activity or for milder days, check to see if the jacket provides good air flow (zippered vents, that allow the air to circulate).

Once you have determined the jacket’s use, keep in mind the following elements: comfort, type of insulation, exterior shell and how it is made.  

Be sure to try the jacket on in the store

It is VERY IMPORTANT to try the jacket on in the store this information will help make shopping for your winter jacket easier.  Be sure to get the help of an Associate if you have any doubt about your purchase.If you need to get a new winter coat, there is no better time than now.