Your Practical Footwear Guide for Back to School 2019

School is just around the corner and it's time to find the best footwear for you and your kids. Whether it's for gym class, for performance sports or for everyday use, being trendy and comfortable is a priceless feeling.

Here’s an overview to offer you the best on trend footwear for 2019.

Whether it’s a coloured pattern or tone-on-tone, colour is a big deal!  When it comes to shoes, colour is important for back to school but especially important when it comes to athletic footwear. While the colour and patterns won’t necessarily increase the technical features of the shoes, they will definitely make them look more appealing.

Whether the colour is bright, monochrome, tone-on-tone, or vintage, be daring and go for it! You’ll find coloured footwear in most of the top brands.

The current trend is very focused on black.  We really like the triple black trend, whether it's shoes with soles, patterns or uppers in black. It's all the rage!

You also can’t forget the Converse and Vans models which are always very trendy and come in a wide range of colour.

Styles to Keep on your Radar

Athletic Look

For fans of the athletic look, this fall you can find a multitude of different materials. You can choose from different textiles: mesh, suede, other classic materials in shoe designs that have an athletic look but are not designed for performance.  It's literally the best of both worlds!

The Air Max Oketo is one of this year's favourites. With its classic athletic look, this Nike model allows optimal comfort with its imposing soles and air bags. Also available in red for women, a popular and classic colour if you want to stand out.

The 80s Look

 80s style footwear has come back in full force for back to school with a simple design and classic look. Brands like Reebok, New Balance, Vans and Adidas have a great selection of this trend for the fall season. Vans’ classic models Ward and Doheny are also very popular.  Adidas offers the Grand Court model for a timeless look.

Your child can also try this retro classic look thanks to the Atwood model from Vans.


Children are not be left out especially for back to school. The popularity of patterns, like the Nike vintage star runner 2 is unparalleled.  Of course, Nike remains one of the most popular brands for children. There is also the PS Surge RN Prism which can fulfil your children’s love of bright colours.

Trends even go to the soles of your shoes! The TRAV by Ripzone is a skateboard shoe with rubber coloured soles for a trendy look.

If you’re worried about the soles leaving marks, most of the junior footwear at Sports Experts does not mark floors.

On your marks, get set, go out and buy those shoes!

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