#StayingFit with Marie-Claude Perron

TV personality, full-time mom and course instructor at Énergie Cardio, Marie-Claude is the creator and face of the new web series #StayingFit with Marie-Claude Perron. Sports Experts has teamed up with Marie-Claude to help you find new ways to move, to encourage you to discover different ways of exercising that you will enjoy, and to learn to stay fit without forcing it!

Her philosophy? Working out for the right reasons - not only to lose weight, gain muscle mass or win a medal, but to have fun, feel good and take strides toward a balanced life with quality of life.

As a young girl, Marie-Claude attended dance classes with the same troupe for several years, and she loved to learn, surpassed herself and evolved along with her team. It has always motivated her to work out and to inspire people around her to move and play sports.  Regardless of the chosen sport, Marie- Claude favours comfort and pleasure. She chooses sports that make her feel good about herself and give her a sense of freedom - her favourites are tennis and snowboard. 

Through #StayingFit, Marie-Claude tries a slew of lively, fun and easy physical activities for you. She helps you discover them through the eyes of an athletic young mom, giving you her tricks and imparting her insight, all the while sharing her love of sport!