Learn about Cardio F.I.T.

Do you want to get fit fast? Are you pressed for time? Do you prefer to train outdoors, and in small groups?

Cardio F.I.T. is the perfect fit for you. Also known as “High Intensity Interval Training,” Cardio F.I.T. is an intense 30-minute workout that will build your cardio and get you toned in no time. 

Does it resemble Crossfit? Yes. Cardio F.I.T. is very similar to Crossfit, but is done exclusively outdoors and was conceived to avoid training injuries. Circuits are completed using bodyweight alone, and each of your movements is corrected before you’re allowed to pick up the pace. Plus, each exercise comes in 4 forms, allowing people of all levels to get the workout they need. To ensure a personalised follow-up and to teach individuals to exercise without getting injured, Cardio F.I.T. sessions are done in groups of 8 or less, and are led by specially chosen, certified trainers.   

The Advantages of Cardio F.I.T.

Cardio F.I.T. makes working out accessible to all. It is easy to integrate into any routine: it isn’t overly time-consuming, it isn’t expensive (7$ per session) and it will give you results fast. After completing 2 training sessions per week for 3 weeks, you will begin to see results: a massive improvement in your cardiovascular abilities along with visible weight-loss. It is considered to be one of the most effective types of training, along with the world-famous 7-minute workout!

Getting ready

You do not need to prepare for Cardio F.I.T. All you have to do is reserve your spot, as space fills fast! During your first session, we will evaluate your fitness level. This will allow you to progress more rapidly, and will motivate you to continue to get better - plus, you’ll get to see the incredible fitness journey you can undertake in very little time with Cardio F.I.T.

Where to do it

Cardio Plein Air is the only place you can get Cardio F.I.T. in Quebec, but they are present in over 100 parks throughout the province, offering a wide variety of schedules in each park, all year round. Find a park near you! You can also try their vast number of outdoor fitness classes, like Cardio Jogging, Plein Air Zen or Cardio Poussette.

Cardio-F.I.T. official page

What to wear

Arm yourself with training shoes, select comfortable active wear, and you’re all set! You will get sweaty, so be sure to wear a few layers (except perhaps in the middle of summer) that can be peeled off throughout the session.

Check out Marie-Claude Perron during her Cardio F.I.T workout

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