Oatmeal for the Great Outdoors

By Genevieve O’Gleman, nutritionist, savourer.ca

I have the perfect recipe that will give a boost to your breakfasts in the great outdoors. Prepare this oatmeal for the great outdoors  at home before you leave and just add boiling water at the last minute, when you come out of your tent for breakfast.

 By mixing all of the dry ingredients first (oatmeal, powdered milk, brown sugar...) your jars of oatmeal will stay fresh for a month.  The oatmeal mixture won’t melt, freeze or mold...and it’s good whatever the weather +30 to -30°C!

 You can vary the toppings by adding different types of dried fruit and nuts to each portion when preparing batches at home.  And there’s nothing stopping you from keeping a few jars in the pantry for those busy mornings, before you go to work.  You can savour memories of those early mornings in the outdoors to bring back a feeling of relaxation.

 If you have hermetically-sealed silicone bags, you can use them with this recipe as they take up much less space in your backpack.  If you go on a hike, choose break-resistant plastic dishes over glass ones; they are perfect for camping whether in a tent or trailer. 

 This oatmeal is quite nourishing, with more protein and less sugar than store-bought pouches.  To make it even more nourishing, you can add 5 ml (1 tsp) of ground flaxseed, whole chia seeds or hemp hearts. Add them when you mix all of the other dry ingredients. 

 You can increase the size of this recipe endlessly. You can prepare some for the whole gang and you’ll cross ‘your turn for cooking’ off the list in no time!

 You’ll need a little propane or butane outdoor stove  or canister stove  to boil the water that you’ll add to the oatmeal just before you eat. Remember to bring a kettle  or a little pot  When hiking in the winter, bring your hot water in a thermos  and combine everything at the last minute for an energy snack sure to warm you up!

With this oatmeal for the great outdoors, you’ll be ready to enjoy great camping and hiking adventures.  Have fun!

 Click here for the complete recipe