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Homemade Protein Bar – an Eco-Friendly and Economical Snack!

By Genevieve O’Gleman, nutritionist, savourer.ca  https://savourer.ca/


If you’re an avid hiker, then you’re probably a protein bar enthusiast. They're so practical! I always set out with one or two bars in my pack, just in case.  They’re perfect for a little kick before a climb or when the magical dinner destination is still not in sight and my stomach is screaming for food. 


What’s your favourite protein bar? Mine was the Cliff bar.  I used to buy them by the case! I’m writing in the past tense because I quickly realized that these little bars did not come with a little price tag.   The amount of waste these packaged bars generate also gave me food for thought so I challenged myself to copy the recipe.  After a number of trials, failures and tweaks, I am proud to say: “Mission accomplished” I am so happy with the result that  I have not purchased store-bought bars since I created the recipe. https://savourer.ca/recette/barres-proteinees-maison/

Unlike the original recipe where sugar is the first ingredient, my version begins with date purée.  The list of ingredients in my recipe is shorter and much simpler.  It also contains more fibre and protein than the original bar.  Not to mention its great taste!

Look no further, you’ve found the perfect snack for your next hike. 6 protein bars ready in less than 30 minutes makes for happy friends!

Homemade protein bars