Transition 101 : from winter sport to summer sport

Transition 101 : from winter to summer sport

If summer is not quite yet on our doorstep, the spring sun is coming up, caressing our cheeks and melting, little by little, the beautiful white snow that creaks under our feet. Temperature is warmer and the need to be outside is real. This is the perfect time to slowly switch to summer sports and store your skis.

Here’s some advice for an optimal and carefree way of transitioning. Adaptation is key in terms of temperature, location and season.

Alternate Indoor/Outdoor

Doing sports is also a question of breaking the routine so as not to lose motivation. Temperature changes are frequent during spring, and that can affect our motivation. Feel free to alternate between inside and outside to switch things up. It’s raining, or there’s a lot of melting snow outside? Work out in the gym. The sun is out? Do your run, yoga or walk outside. Try a similar sport. You are all about winter sports, but during summer it’s a little more complicated? Try a sport similar to the one you’re doing in winter. For example, if you’re a snowshoes lover, try hiking. If you’re more a cross-country skying type of person, try running or even rollerblading. Find some similarities between your winter sports and a summer one. This will allow you to make the transition smoothly and with pleasure.

Adapt your equipment/clothing

Adapting clothing or equipment allows a better transition. Not only that, but it also reduces discomfort and the risk of injuries. It's time to swap your winter coat for a spring coat, shoes and others things so you do not get sweaty after just getting dressed. Adapting your equipment will also allow you to reduce wear or to avoid damaging your gear. Each season brings its share of challenges, but also its particularities based on weather conditions. Be prepared for all eventualities.

Adjust your rhythm

If you are one of those who has paused their training for a few weeks, start to be active again gradually. The return will be all the more enjoyable. In addition, if you were already running outside in winter, you will be able to increase your pace gradually, at the same rate the snow is melting. Whatever your discipline is, adapt to the conditions to take full advantage of the moment.

Find what you need

Changes of seasons are not always easy for a variety of reasons and it's important not to add stress with the sport you choose. Do some tests to find what you need and/or to facilitate the transition. Include running, yoga, walking, hiking, outdoor workouts, or any other outdoor sports. Try a few to find the perfect discipline for you, one that will keep you active all year long. Also, why not alternate? Sometimes, performing an outdoor yoga session or a shortl race between your cycling (or other) workouts can be life-saving and allow you to get back into the swing of things.

On your marks, ready, transition!