Let’s get outside for the Holidays!

In the online era, getting the children up and moving is a daily challenge, unless of course you take advantage of the Holidays to play outside as a family. Statistics show that over 64% of Canadians are inactive in the winter. Yet there are plenty of ways to get outside and have fun in the cold season. Challenge yourself today to change your habits and keep active with the kids over the Holidays! Here are a few ideas and tips for free activities.

Why play outside?

A lot of people say they come out of the Holidays and into the new year worn down or a couple of pounds heavier.

Getting active outside will take care of this. You’ll burn calories while moving and get a dose of the two hormones that manage mood and stress: endorphins and serotonin. Your energy level will pick up and you’ll even sleep better!

For children (even tots), the benefits are many. By playing outside, their natural curiosity will lead them to make tons of discoveries and enjoy new experiences. They’re in direct contact direct with nature, and this stimulates their healthy development.

Did you know that children who discover the pleasure of playing outside at a young age keep up the good habit into adulthood? It means they will always see keeping active as a pleasure.

You’re a role model for your children

As a role model for your kids to take after, you actively contribute to their discovering the pleasures of playing outside – even in winter. So what are you waiting for?

Five outdoor activities for the Holidays

Children need to move, so it’s a shame to have them sedentary in front of their screens while school’s out. Even though the end of the year is a time of big expenses, when the snow falls, all the outdoors becomes a free playground. Discover our ideas for activities to get moving, reconnect with nature and get the kids off line.

  • Make a snowman with personality! | FREE

Have fun decorating a snowman with your little ones, giving it a mouth, eyes and a nose. It’s a great opportunity to let the kids’ imaginations run wild, so why not encourage their creativity?

  • Say yes to winter sports

A family snowshoeing excursion. An improvised game of hockey. Soccer in the snow. There are plenty of winter activities to choose from.

There’s no problem if you don’t have the time to get out of the city. Lots of winter activities are organized in city parks. It just takes some quick research to find out what activities your municipality is offering.

  • Family walks | FREE

Simple and free, walking is the ideal activity after a good meal, and just before a little nap. You get out and breathe the fresh air, far away from your wifi. In fact, why not make walking during the Holidays a daily family routine?

  • Playing in the snow | FREE

The bigger kids will be happy to build things out of snow using buckets, for example, while the smaller ones can use their beach toys. They already know how to play in the sand, so now they’ll love filling up and dumping the snow!

  • A game of hide and seek | FREE

Take an object and hide it in the yard or in a park so that everybody in the family has to find it. Tons of fun, particularly if the object is white!

When is it too cold to play outside?

Health experts recommend not to let your child play outside if the temperature (with or without wind chill) is -27°C or less.

All right everybody, let’s get outside! Winter is a wonderful time for families to play together!