Perfect frozen snacks for summer!

Sun, kids and vacation, strolls outside and outdoor activities: yes, it’s officially summer! When it’s 25 degrees outside we don’t crave heavy snacks. We’d rather enjoy refreshing treats that are fun and rehydrating. The kids eat them up and the adults ask for seconds: discover these six frozen home-made snacks to make your summer even more of a success!

Frozen yogurt drops

Simple and easy, these little drops of yogurt take just minutes to make – and seconds to devour.

Pipe drops of yogurt with a dessert decorator onto a baking pan covered in wax paper. Put them all in the freezer for an hour and thirty minutes and they’re ready!

Strawberry and blueberry kebabs

Here’s a snack that’s both quick and healthy. Slide strawberries and blueberries onto skewers, and cut their ends off, then slip it all in the fridge for an hour.

Note: Try out grapes or even watermelon. Mouth-wateringly delicious!

Dairy-free ice cream

Also known as nice cream, this is a vegan ice cream that does a darn good imitation of the real thing. You don’t need an ice cream maker, eggs or cream to concoct this treat all the family will adore. The first step is to freeze four skinned, sliced bananas. Once frozen, churn the bananas in a food processor until they turn into a thick cream (freeze again to make firmer if necessary).

The recipe can stop there, or you can get creative by adding peanut butter, cacao butter, maple syrup or colourful strawberries. Let your imagination run wild!

Pudding pops

Fill popsicle moulds with store-bought vanilla pudding and put them all in the freezer for five hours. That’s all? Yes, that’s it!

If you feel like adding a bit of magic to your popsicles, add chocolate chips or coloured candies.

Frozen peas

You read that right: frozen peas as a treat! You’ll be surprised by these super-simple snacks that are delicious and full of fibre. The kids will love them, plus it’s a great way to get them to like veggies!

Chocolate popsicles

Two ingredients (but lots of treats!): two cups of chocolate milk (dairy or non-dairy) and two tablespoons of cornstarch. Mix the two until homogenous then pour it all in a pot and let simmer until the milk thickens. Cool off then pour it into popsicle moulds. Six hours in the freezer and your home-made popsicles are ready!

Colourful and flavourful for the summer, go ahead and adjust these simple recipes to add your own touch. Not only are these frozen treats delicious but they’re also fun to make: perfect for inviting the kids in the kitchen for some fun! Bon appetit!


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