5 Activities to Fully Enjoy Fall

The days are slowly getting shorter, the leaves are changing colours and we’re now trading our short-sleeved shirts for our jackets. Fall is here! Although the cooler weather can sometimes catch you by surprise, that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to do to fully enjoy what nature has to offer.

So, here are five activities we suggest you try so you can stretch your legs and stay active this fall.


Fall is the perfect season for hiking. Whether you're going solo, as a pair or with your family, there are many mountains and trails ready to welcome you. It's the perfect time to admire the breathtakingly colourful landscapes and enjoy temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold to walk for long hours. Pack a few snacks, some lunch, lots of water and you can climb to the top at your own pace.

SÉPAQ offers several parks for hiking. These include the Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier in Quebec City, Mont-Orford and the Boucherville Islands. You can find the SÉPAQ location that appeals to you right here.


As with hiking, cycling is probably one of the most beautiful things to do in the fall. The temperature is more comfortable, and the colourful beauty of nature adds a special touch. Go out and discover your city one pedal stroke at a time.


That’s right, camping is not just for summer. Don't forget all the joys of camping! All you'll need is the right equipment for the season. There won't be any snow any time soon and you'll enjoy the beautiful colours of the trees and campfires. Get your tent, sleeping bag and any other necessary equipment on hand to reconnect with nature.

Try Something New

Hiking and biking are great options, but why not take advantage of the season to try a new sport? The Via Ferrata, which is a guided tour along a mountain wall is an excellent choice. It also has ziplining, which is a great exhilarating experience. You could also try the tree-to-tree routes and hot-air balloon rides. Whatever you decide, you'll get out of your comfort zone and experience a great adventure while enjoying nature.

Try Out Geocaching

Why not create an adventure with your children to discover Quebec and enjoy the fall even with rainy days? Geocaching is fun for the whole family. This activity has been gaining popularity for several years now. With the help of a GPS and the information found on geocaching, have fun finding caches that contain rewards and surprises. It's a fun and exciting treasure hunt that your children will remember for a long time.

Whether you decide to choose one or more activities from this list, you'll learn to fully enjoy the fall season.

On your marks, get set, enjoy fall!