Are your kids starting to get excited for spring break? To help you plan their time off and enjoy making memories as a family, we’ve put together five essential tips. From organizing ahead of time to choosing fun activities everyone can enjoy, we’ve got you covered. Read on and get started!

  1. Get organized ahead of time

If you want to get through spring break in the most zen way possible, the key word is organization. Have you taken the week off? Has your partner? Who will take care of the kids? Can their grandparents look after them for a day? Or perhaps a few friends?

Take note of the options you have as you answer these questions. This way, you’ll know the resources you can call on, which will also help you budget. Getting organized and planning a basic timeline will considerably reduce your stress and worry so that you’ll best enjoy the time with your kids.

  1. Talk about it as a family

Once you’ve established the general plans for your week, make it a point to also involve the kids in organizing the activities. What would they like to do over the break? Any particular ideas? Take account of each of their suggestions, then at the end, look at what’s possible to do together or not. This way, each kid has been personally involved and contributed to a game plan that will satisfy everybody.

  1. Go play outdoors

Take advantage of spring break to get outside with the kids and enjoy some exercise. There are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from! You can have a snowman building contest, go for a cross-country ski or get in a bit of skating.

Some studies say that the air can be 10 times as polluted indoors (with dust, chemicals found in many cosmetics and cleaning products, etc.) than outdoors, which is where the entire family can get their proper dose of vitamin D. This vitamin helps the body absorb calcium and ensures that growing kids develop properly. Children also have a lot of energy, and there’s no better way to channel it than getting them outdoors.

Pointers for a perfect outing

·        Check the weather: before you head out, always check the weather forecast for the day so that you can plan your activity properly.

·        Dress properly: make sure the entire family is dressed properly for the activity and the weather forecast.

·        Pack a change of clothing: make sure everybody has additional clothing, like a pair of socks, pants and a t-shirt.

·        Bring snacks: the winter cold makes us expend more energy, so it’s important to think about energy-filled snacks for everybody.

·        Keep hydrated: this can never be repeated enough, but it’s essential to drink water regularly, particularly when doing a physical activity, so bring bottles for all the family.

  1. Divide the activities according to their interests

Pay attention to everybody’s needs and interests. You don’t necessarily have to do each outing with the entire family. You can separate the activities according to the interests of each age group. This way, you’ll avoid conflicts, sighs and grumpy kids. For example, one of the two parents can go skiing with the oldest while the little one goes to the movies with the other parent, or spends the afternoon with their grandparents.

List (non-exhaustive) of indoor and outdoor activities


Indoor activities

·        Laser tag

·        Bowling

·        Movie theatre

·        Museum

·        Storytelling at the library

·        Open swim at the public pool


Outdoor activities

·        Observing animals

·        Ice skating: In city parks (it’s free!), on ice trails in the forest or on frozen lakes!

·        Inner tubing

·        Cross-country skiing in a Sepaq park

·        Downhill skiing at one of the ASSQ ski areas in Quebec

·        Snowshoeing at one of Quebec’s 22 national parks

  1. Relax together

Spring break isn’t a contest: the family that engages in the most activities doesn’t win a prize. So plan for at least one “do nothing” day to reconnect with one another. Talk, ask your kids questions, cook together, play board games—enjoy bonding as a family and savour each moment.

Have a great spring break, and enjoy the quality time with the kids!