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Lighting: A Short Guide

Why limit yourself to doing activities only during the day when you can also do them in the evening and at night if you are well equipped? Just because the days are getting shorter doesn't mean you should not enjoy the outdoors.

Here's a short guide that will help you shed some light on all of this.

What you Need to Know

When it comes to lighting, whether for camping, hiking, glamping or just staying outside when it gets dark, there are several important facts to consider. From the lumens (unit of measurement), to the battery life and its type of charge, everything will affect the final purchase that meets your needs.

You will have a choice between headlamps, lanterns, solar lights (lantern or string) or keychain lights that offer a wide beam, focused or a mixture of both.

Battery and Charge

As for the battery, it is important to know that its duration will be determined by the different intensities and how you will put it to use. You should also be aware that some LED lights weaken as the battery power goes down. Use them for hiking and evening jogging rather than camping or long outings in the woods.

Rechargeable or replaceable batteries? From an eco-friendly point of view, flashlights with a USB rechargeable battery are recommended, rather than replaceable/disposable batteries, unless you are travelling around the world. Some rechargeable flashlights are hybrid, as is the case with PETZL variety, which can accommodate a rechargeable battery pack. Rechargeable headlamps can be recharged using a portable charger similar to those used for cell phones on long trips.

When buying a headlamp, pay special attention to the lumens as well. By way of reference, a lumen is the equivalent of a candle.  For example, headlamps can have 200, 300 or 550 lumens. The price of your lighting will vary according to the number of lumens offered.

Red Light

Also be aware that some headlamps have a red-light option. A useless option? Far from it. It's not as blinding in the middle of the night, which helps prevent tiring your eyes or not bothering your friends when you get out of the tent. It's also used for emergencies, signalling distress, observing wildlife in the dark or enjoying the stars.

For Camping

Wide-beam headlamps are recommended for camping. If you go camping, it is important to consider choosing a waterproof headlamp. Just look for the IPX rating. It ranges from IPX-0 (not waterproof) to IPX-8 (substantially waterproof). This will save you a lot of trouble. BioLite headlamps are great for camping on the weekend. They are rechargeable with a USB port only. Two BioLite models (330 lumens and 200 lumens) are available. There are also Black Diamond headlamps that can hold up to 400 lumens. It will be up to you to determine how many lumens you need, but when camping, the recommendation is “the more the better”. On the subject of Black Diamond, they have a great selection of long-lasting glowing key chains that can help you find what you are looking for in your tent or if your headlamp stops working.

For Glamping

Are you more of the weekend glamping type? No problem. Whether you're in a teepee, yurt or trailer, you'll need lighting. Solar lanterns, which can be mounted in a single location for a long period of time, are an interesting option. So are solar light strings. These will charge in the sun during the day and be ready to provide you with light at night.

For Hiking and Jogging

Lighting is not only for camping! When you are out jogging or walking your dog on the trail at night, you will be very happy to have a headlamp rather than your cell phone light. Focused-beam lights are best because they will allow you to see further. The strobe type is also very interesting because it catches the eye in order to be seen and keeps you safe. The Moji-Remoji headlamp is something to think about with its 100 lumens. It comes with batteries and is also rechargeable. It may be a good idea to opt for a headlamp that offers both a wide and focused beam for cycling at night. The combination will help you see the path ahead of you and anticipate obstacles.

And if you enjoy more intense activities, the NAO or Swift RL headlamps from PETZL will prove to be very beneficial for you. Designed for performance, they automatically adapt to your lighting needs to help you focus on your activity.

For Outdoor Lighting

Even at home, you can spoil yourself with the lighting available at Atmosphere. Lanterns are a nice accessory to brighten up your patio activities as the days get shorter. Of course, solar string lights are also a great option.

Don't forget the LUCI light. This solar and inflatable 65-lumen lamp has a runtime of about 20 hours thanks to a 7-hour charge-time in the sun. It’s safe and stays cool. It’s so multifunctional that it can be part of your luggage, no matter what activity you plan using it for.

No need to stay in the dark…bring on the light and enjoy nature for as long as possible!