Can I purchase a gift card online?

Yes. Simply choose the desired value amongst our different denominations, add it to your cart and complete the transaction. Your card will be shipped via courier to the shipping address provided and will be accepted for online and in-store purchases.

Are shipping fees applicable on the purchase of a gift card?

No, when a gift card is purchased alone, all shipping fees will be waived. On the other hand, when ordered with other products, the value of the gift card is excluded in determining if the free shipping minimum threshold is met. Don’t forget that all shipping fees are always waived when ‘Pickup in store" is selected.

How can I check the balance remaining on my gift card?

Gift card balances can be verified at any one of our retail locations or by clicking the button below. For any additional questions, please contact one of our Customer Service agents at 1-844-680-2070 or or

Can you send me a virtual gift card at my email address?

We cannot send virtual gift cards by email. At this time, all gift cards purchased online can only be shipped by courier or picked up in-store.

Can I use a gift card purchased online to make an in-store purchase?

Yes, all gift cards purchased online are accepted both online and in store.

Can I use a gift card purchased in store to make an online purchase?

Yes! Gift cards currently sold in store have PINs and are therefore accepted online. Please note that older cards without PINs may still be in circulation and are only accepted in store.